Is Glacier National Park worth visiting

Is Glacier National Park worth visiting

The short answer is YES. The longer answer can be a series of the book describing the exceptional beauty of this mountainous alpine landscape with active glacial, blue glacial lakes, thick forests, and abundant wildlife. The Park has two mountain ranges, and it is bordering the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia where it continues into Waterton Lakes National Park.

High mountains and valleys formed by glacial create a breath-taking view and varied ecosystem. The Glacier National Park is also among the most popular in the US with over 3 million visitors annually. Park has harsh and long winters, and the best time to visit is during the summer months. Unfortunately, most visitors know that, and you can experience large crowds in part of the Park.

The best way to explore the Park is with a car, and parking lots at viewpoints and hiking trails are full by early morning.

Foreign visitors that want to experience the rugged landscape with gorgeous mountains and lakes, forest, tundra, and prairie landscape should apply for visa usa esta. The travel authorization is an online procedure where you have a detailed questionnaire. The administration usually takes around 72 hours to process the application, and once you get a permit, you will have a span of two years to take advantage and visit the US.

How much does it cost to enter Glacier National Park?

With over a million acres, Glacier National Park is vast, and you will need a couple of days to experience the beauty and diversity of this place truly. The entrance fee for a person for seven days is $20. If you travel in a car, the rate is $35, but it is valid for all persons in a vehicle. You will pay $5 less if you visit on a motorcycle.

An annual pass for visitors that want to go more than once in this majestic place costs $70. There are however six days in a year when you can enter without the fee, and its: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, National Park Week, Great American Outdoors Act Commemoration day, National Park Service Birthday, National Public Lands Day, and Veterans Day.

Best place to see wildlife in Glacier National Park

Besides numerous lakes, hiking trails, and mountains, Glacier National Park is home to a wide range of animals. The almost intact pristine nature of the Park is home to endangered species of grizzly bears and lynx. A more common black bear can be found, just like a mountain goat, bighorn sheep, moose, cougar, coyote, and plenty of other animals including wolves.

Some of the best places to spot animal life include Many Glacier Valley. This part of the Park is known for great hiking trails and fewer crowds than in Going to the Sun Road. Here you can find moose, bears, deer, and mountain goats. If you look upwards, you might spot eagles.

Across the border, in Canada near Waterton Lakes, you can see elk, mule deer, and bears. The highest point reachable by car is the Logan Pass area where you can spot mountain goats and bighorn sheep.

Hundreds of miles of hiking trails go through this enormous Park, and there is always a chance you will see wildlife, though animals tend to avoid humans.

Best waterfalls in Glacier National Park

Many streams and rivers flow through the Park, and when the snow melts, they come alive. There are actually guided trails that follow the waterfalls. A most popular part of the Park is Going to the Sun Road, and luckily there are a couple of absolutely stunning waterfalls on this scenic route. Bird Woman Falls is perhaps most impressive. On the same road, you can see Haystack Falls. In the southern part of the Park in the Flathead National Forest, you can see Staircase Waterfall.

Running Eagle Falls are in the Two Medicine part of the Park. St Mary Falls and Virginia Falls are located along the Sun Point Nature Trail.

Scenic point Glacier National Park

One of the most popular trails in the Park is Scenic Point, an intermediate 7.9 miles trail that offers some of the best picture opportunities. It starts among the pines, goes along the Appistoki Creek, and then starts to gain elevation up to the saddle. The views are stunning, especially from the summit where you can look at Two Medicine Lake.

Before you embark on an adventurous exploration of mountainous Glacier National Park, you should get the travel authorization. When you are making your itinerary plans for visiting the US, include esta check status routine in that process. Once you obtain the ESTA permit, you can spend up to 90 days traveling across the country. For some of the most stunning scenery, Glacier National Park is an excellent choice.


Glacier National Park is in the top echelon of most visited natural wonders in the US. The varied landscape, glacial, rich wildlife, and gorgeous lakes dominate this vast area.

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