Is IQ Option User-Friendly: You Need to Know

IQ option conducts its business efficiently with the best trading instruments and communities in the financial sector. It has done a lot to stand alone among its competitors. Because of its presumed simplicity, low minimum deposit requirement, and open a free demo account, regardless of the existence of several exchange phases. Its usage has increased immensely, and acceptable decent credibility among the traders is widening.

IQ Option

IQ option is an outstanding desktop and mobile trading platform that enables the client to exchange a range of financial resources and commodities.

This broker is known for aspiring to develop itself by actively looking for new trading developments. Established in 2013, this platform is operated by IQ Option LTD. Headquartered in Cyprus, the company is managed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (or CySEC). The stage is incredibly easy to use and organized around it. It has various advanced functionality, including multi-diagram layouts, advanced analysis, checkable claims, cautions about uncertainty, market updates, inventory screeners, economic schedules, and so on. Due to its numerous advantageous characteristics, which assist traders in their sector, it is getting prominence.

Features that Make IQ Option User-Friendly

The iq option places a great deal of focus on its users, and the platform promotes individuals to react with confidence and from the IQ option review we can understand everything about this platform. By incorporating a variety of features, the platform significantly enhances the overall trading experience. Some of these characteristics are given below.

User-friendly Interface

IQ option offers a mobile web trading application in conjunction with a specific user interface, which gives customers versatility in wireless trading options. The app has a basic operating system that is straightforward and easy to use, and it also has most of the charting opportunities on the standard platform. The app also provides push alerts, and at any time these quantities are violated, consumers can set key trading thresholds that lead to alerts. The application comes on tablets as well as smartphones, and both Android and Apple iOS device holders have access to the system.

Customer Data Security

In addition to activities that involve maintaining various accounts for client properties, several other types are protected by the iq option. Fortunately, there is full SSL encryption for the broker. Then again, all communications sent to broker computer servers by investors are authenticated in a manner that meets the criteria for AES 256 Bit encryption. The authentication eliminates the opportunity for hackers to access information, enabling both bank deposits and information to be given additional security by iq.

Optimal Trading Experience Personalization

The trading platform for iq option is equipped with features. It is, therefore, not always simple to choose those that match your personality of exchanging. You will be able to get the maximum out of the platform by personalizing the application. You can open a menu with five sections by pressing the ‘Settings’ icon. Everyone has to do with a specific interpretation of your knowledge in trading.


This section is all about the operating system and how data in the trading area can be represented. You can set the standard time (this function can be useful when monitoring major international headlines) and your ethnic background in the ‘Appearance’ section. You can also notice a variety of text boxes in this section that relate to various ways of representing your promotions and price action results. You can select one of the four-color schemes here as well. You can adjust the user interface using this menu, which can come in useful when exchanging on extremely minor or major screens.

Shortcuts to the Keyboard

This segment includes a list of convenient shortcuts you might want to use while trading.

It is just the same as how programmers, when dealing with graphics apps, frequently use shortcuts. Yet, you have got the iq option trading application rather than Photoshop. The button will make the experience of navigation easier and convenient in the application.


You can swap on and off two kinds of notifications on this section: the ones you get when your position is about to complete and the ones that throughout the recent week inform you of your new positions in the rankings.


The privacy widget will enable you to disguise other traders’ personal information. You can get an illusionary name here (in chats, scoreboards, and so on) to use on the platform and demonstrate your deals to other traders.

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World-Class Facilities for Communication and Customer Care

In providing world-class customer support, iq option thrives. Their support group can be accessed in several ways, like Skype, phone, email, and conversation. They are also very able to answer questions from customers. Nearly 90 customer service support staff are willing to facilitate you. The iq option has toll-free phone numbers available for your convenience in the listed areas: Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, India, Australia, and Chile. A remarkable 38 seconds is the average pause for internet chat guidance. For email correspondence, the average response time is 14 minutes.

Resources of knowledge and Training

The iq option also supplies all its consumers with a lot of knowledge, and the platform offers training opportunities that can help both newer and more seasoned traders. They provide several videos to be shared, but also webinars and tutorials. Customers will have access to a wide variety of e-books that address the most common questions and a FAQ section. For traders of varying knowledge and credentials, these training courses offer knowledge.


IQ option is an extremely significant and comprehensive trading site that is highlight-rich. Extremely crucial is the simplicity of use (the user system is incredibly straightforward), the range of open security, the lowest exchange, and the least shop, and the functionality of demo accounts. Their natural step of trading is the best around, and its insights make iq option user-friendly, popular, and recommended to brokers of all skill levels.

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