Is Low-Level Laser Cap Treatment Worth Your Time?

We choose our treatments based on our convenience and their effectiveness on our bodies. Therefore, it is essential to ask whether or not you should go for a laser cap treatment?

For hair growth laser cap treatment was first approved by FDA in 2007 as a legit treatment. Since then, this treatment has picked up many names like bio stimulation, cold/soft laser therapy, red-light therapy, etc. 

Now that we know it is 100% safe and legitimate, let us talk about what it does to your scalp. 

What does low-level laser therapy mean, and how does it revitalize your scalp?

Low-level laser therapy is an advanced hair treatment in which a device in the form of a cap, comb, helmet, or headband emits photons in the scalp through low-strength red laser light. 

The laser light contains essential nutrients that are inserted into your hair follicles to promote scalp metabolism, increase blood circulation and enhance ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production in the cells of hair follicles. 

Experts advise placing the device on your scalp several times a week to promote the anagen or hair growth phase of the hair. 

But that invokes another question. Does this therapy work equally well for all genders? Is it worth the hype?

Let’s answer that. 

Is this therapy feasible for all gender types?

The hair growth depends upon the condition of your scalp. It has nothing to do with whether you are a man, woman or transgender.

The therapy provides much-needed nutrition to your scalp and gets your anagen or growth phase going. However, if your hair follicles do not have the required material or nutrients to produce new and strong strands, then this therapy won’t be as effective in your case. 

Moreover, studies have shown that this therapy does not promise to remove all the hindrances that limit the production of new hair. For example, it does not guarantee 100% healing of hormonal imbalance and nutritional balancing. 

But, in most cases, this therapy has proved effective for patients suffering from extreme hair loss due to poor diet, stress, and over-exposure to dust and debris. So, let us look at some of the other reasons why this laser cap treatment is so prominent amongst the masses:

  1. It minimizes hair loss.

It is perfectly fine to shred around 100 hairs every day. But you know something is wrong when you see them every morning on your white pillow and in every evening when they clog your shower drain. 

For such people, low-level laser light therapy has proved to be effective. It rejuvenates the scalp by providing nutrients to strengthen your hair. 

  1.     It thickens the hair.

Hair starts falling when they get thinner and pores can no longer hold them. On the other hand, thick hair has a firm grip. That is why they are less likely to shred. 

Laser hair therapy helps thickens the hair by improving blood circulation and nutritional content in the scalp. As a result, hair gets thicker with each session.

  1.     It boosts the hair count.

Hair loss means saying ‘NO’ to hairstyling for many people. Well, every one of us deserves to get a stylish hairdo. 

The good news is that low-level laser therapy helps boost the hair count by 38%. In a simple world, for every 100 hair you grow, 38 extra hair shafts are created, increasing the hair count. 

Final Thoughts

The effectiveness of red-light therapy varies from person to person. Regardless of which hair loss stage you are at, it would be best to start the treatment as early as possible. 

The less damaged your scalp is, the less time a laser hair cap takes to revitalize it. So, contact laser cap providers today and get your silky and smooth hair back.

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