Is MrBeast Drop shipping Burgers

Is MrBeast Drop shipping Burgers?

You must have heard about MrBeast Burgers if you are into YouTube stars, know about trends in the food industry and hypes on the internet you can check on many sites. MrBeast Burgers was started by the most sensational YouTube star MrBeast. He has completely revolutionized the food industry but many people are having doubts whether MrBeast is Drop shipping burgers or having his own ghost kitchens.

But many people are having doubts whether MrBeast is Drop shipping burgers or having his own ghost kitchens? If you want a short answer, then yes he is Drop shipping burgers but he has done something innovative and creative in his definition of Drop shipping. He is changing the food industry by using other restaurant’s kitchens and using his own materials.

Now you must be thinking about what was his business model and how he opened 300 stores overnight? What marketing strategies did he employ in his Drop shipping Burgers model? What are his growth and future plans for MrBeast Plans? How is controlling the quality of the burgers and overcoming the problems?

Don’t worry whatever may be your question; I am going to answer each and every question that you have in your mind. But for that, you will have to stay with me till the end of this post. And if you are planning to do the same as MrBeast did, then this article can act as a completely free guide on Drop shipping food.

Is MrBeast Selling Burgers by Using Drop shipping?

Well the strategy MrBeast is using to promote its latest Beast Burger menu cannot be purely considered as Drop shipping. To understand why he is not purely using Drop shipping, let’s understand the meaning of Drop shipping.

According to Wikipedia, Drop shipping is a streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer orders but does not keep goods sold in stock. That means that you place your order and the seller accepts it but he does not have it in stock and has tied up with a third seller to fulfill your order. To make this concept simpler, let’s understand it with the help of an example.

Let’s assume John is a buyer and Robert is the seller. John places an order of soap with Robert but Robert does not have the soap in the stock and instead has tied up with another seller named Kristen to fulfill the order of John. Now Robert shares the details of John’s order with Kristen and Kristen will fulfill John’s order.

I hope you got a better understanding of Drop shipping. Now let’s implement this concept in the case of MrBeast Burgers. What MrBeast does is that he partners with a restaurant and tells them to maximize their capacity and chefs. Then he provides the restaurant with the recipe, raw materials and packaging. People can order through their own mobile app MrBeast Burger or through famous delivery platforms.

What is Drop shipping Business Model of MrBeast Burgers?

Now you must be thinking how did he open 300 restaurants overnight? Well, he did open 300 restaurants overnight but the planning was being done for 1 year and training was being given to restaurant employees for 3-4 months. He just introduced and launched his burger chain overnight.

MrBeast partnered with a company known as VDC (Virtual Dining Concepts) to make this business possible. What VDC does is that they partner with restaurant owners to launch a profitable delivery with their existing kitchen operations. They have also partnered with many other celebrities such as Tyga, Mario Lopez, and DJ Pauly D to help them launch their food business without the need for infrastructure.

VDC works in three simple ways

  • They partner with restaurant.
  • Tell them to maximize their kitchen capacity and number of chefs.
  • Prepare the food for them according to the training they give them.

Restaurants can make a profit of 30% on orders and get paid weekly. They have also partnered with major delivery platforms such as Doordash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub and Post mates.

What is the Marketing & Growth Strategy of MrBeast Burgers?

The marketing strategy of MrBeast burgers was very clever. Let’s understand MrBeast Burgers Marketing strategy from the scratch.

  • How did they choose their opening locations for MrBeast Burgers:Beast’s team used his YouTube analytics to know the top cities which have the higher count of subscriber base and watch time? Then they decided that they will open their first outlets in the top cities of his subscriber base. The top cities in which they opened their outlets were New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas.
  • How did they launch their Burgers:MrBeast used his smartness and launched their burgers with one video? Let’s understand the whole scenario. They opened their first outlet in North Carolina on 19 December 2020 and think what he offered for free with his burgers? He paid $100 to each person to eat their burgers and he even gave Air Pods and some other expensive stuff. And the result was that there was a 20-mile traffic jam in the area. He also used other social media platforms to promote the burgers.
  • Why did they choose Burgers only: MrBeast and his team chose to sell burgers only and no other food items? This was due to the simple reason that burgers are very easy to replicate. Anyone person with basic training can make good burgers and it takes very little time to make them.

MrBeast has promised his fans that he is going to expand his burger chain internationally to different countries. Currently, they have their most of their outlets only in US but recently they expanded to few locations in Canada such as Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary.

What were the problems they faced and how they are overcoming it?

When they first opened up, there were thousands of orders per restaurant and they were not able to fulfill them as they didn’t expect so many orders. The major problems they faced were quality control, overwhelmed orders and late deliveries.

Many people complained that they were getting undercooked and overcooked orders. As there were so many orders and the delivery persons were fewer, customers were getting order late than 2-3 hours.

But they are getting better day by day. They are improving their products every day as they are getting better insights into the problems and their products.

MrBeast is a perfect example of a visionary person. He utilized his money smartly into something he believed and achieved what he wanted to. Even you should take some inspiration from him and do what you always have been wanting.


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