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While most women and men would like to carry their favorite makeup, cosmetics and fragrance with them while travelling, especially by air, it is usually not possible to carry these items in the hand luggage because of security considerations at the airport. hence they are always interested in finding out if they can purchase their favorite cosmetics or fragrance at the airport. For the convenience of visitors arriving in or departing from Singapore at its famous Changi airport, they can conveniently purchase iShopChangi Dior in Singapore online and collect it from the counter at Changi airport.

Product range

The house of Dior is one of the most reputed fashion brands worldwide and was founded in the year 1946. It has a wide range of cosmetic, skincare products, fragrances for both men and women . The website is conveniently designed so that the online shopper can easily find the products in the category he is interested in. The products are divided into 4 main categories fragrances for women, fragrances for men, makeup products and skincare products. Choosing a particular category will help in finding the different sub categories and products which are available along with their prices.


Fragrances for men and women are extremely popular since people sweat a lot in Singapore with its hot and humid weather. The perspiration or sweat can create an unpleasant odour if no fragrance or perfume is used. Airlines and airport security are also very strict while checking and preventing passengers from carrying perfumes and other liquids in their hand luggage. So now travelers at Changi can conveniently choose from different popular Dior fragrances. For men Dior has the Sauvage perfume, while for women, it has different perfumes like J’adore, Joy by Dior, Miss Dior and Dior Addict.

Makeup and cosmetics

Women often find it inconvenient to carry their makeup kit with them, so they prefer to purchase high quality Dior makeup products at the airport. To cater to women of all ages, Dior has a wide range of makeup foundations in five different shades, so that the user can choose the right skin shade. The foundation is designed to mask all the blemishes in the skin, to make it look flawless and radiant. Other popular makeup products are lipsticks, with the Dior ultra rouge lipstick one of the most popular products. It is available in six different shades, and is a hydrating lipstick. Anti-ageing products which make the skin look younger are also available.

Shopping tips

Online shoppers who are already using Dior products, can directly search for the product at the online store and place an order. Alternatively they can order the most popular products among online buyers like the Forever skin glow 4H wear radiant perfection foundation. Some of the new cosmetic and perfume products are also available, for those who wish to try Miss Dior Blooming bouquet travel spray and the latest Dior products. All Dior products are supplied by Shilla Duty Free Singapore, so customers can be assured of excellent quality and genuine products.

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