Dog Bite Police Report

Items That Should Be Included in a Dog Bite Police Report

If you are the victim of a dog bite, you should file a report with the local police department. This is especially important if your dog has attacked someone else’s pet or child. You should also report any incidents that occur at a daycare center or school.

The dog bite injury claim process can be time-consuming, but police will be able to conduct an investigation into the incident and determine who was responsible for the attack. If they believe that the dog’s owner is responsible for the attack, they can charge them with animal cruelty and file charges against them for having an unlicensed animal.

Victim’s Information

Include the victim’s full name and address and any other relevant information. This includes names of witnesses, if any, as well as their current locations, phone numbers, and addresses. Include any medical information about the victim, such as allergies, medications, or conditions. If the victim was injured seriously enough to require hospitalization, include their condition upon discharge from the hospital.

Dog Owner’s Information

Include the name, address, and telephone number of anyone who owned or had contact with the dog before the attack. Include any other information about them, such as whether they have a history of animal aggression or have been reported for cruelty towards animals in the past. If it was an unlicensed dog that attacked someone else’s pet, include details about who owned this unlicensed dog and how it got there in the first place (e.g., if they were given to someone as a gift). If this is not possible because you do not know who owns or had contact with this dog before it attacked your pet, include general details like breed and size so that law enforcement can determine if there are any laws against owning certain breeds.

Dog’s Information

The dog’s information can be quite useful when determining if they have a history of aggressive behavior toward humans or other animals. This can help identify possible conflicts that may have occurred earlier in their lives which may have caused them to become aggressive toward humans or other animals at some point during their lives.

Attack’s Information

The attack information. This section should include details on what happened during the incident, like whether or not anyone was injured during this event or if a dog bit anyone before but not in that particular incident. It must be ensured that all the specifics of the events are mentioned so that the authorities can evaluate the case in the best ways possible.


The main purpose of filing a police report is to ensure that no one gets away with criminal activity. When you file a report, it triggers an investigation by the police, and they may even arrest the culprits if they are found guilty. This ensures that justice is served and those who commit crimes are punished accordingly. Ensure that you get all this information from the attack and get details from a witness who can further strengthen your case.

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