Its History, Its Difference & The Luxe Experience It Provides To Vacationers

Regardless of whether you like to chill out with a glass of wine on your private timeshare’s patio or traipse around its golf course and indulge in afternoon golfing; WELK Timeshare vacation resorts- never ceases to impress!

WELK Timeshare always offers something inspiring for avid travellers who want to get away from their everyday hustle and bustle and spend a relaxing holiday, a week each year. Offering you a wide collection of éclat timeshare properties- proudly owned by the WELK RESORT GROUP, those who opt for it are sure to get some world-class amenities and upscale services on every visit.

Simply put- WELK Timeshare properties endeavour to create (and recreate) unforgettable luxury experiences for each vacationer (be it solo or with the company).

And that’s why so many avid vacationists hail WELK timeshare properties as a perfect, adventure-filled way to spend long weeks of recuperative holidays…!


“The Welk Resort Group was previously known as the Lawrence WELK RESORTS (named after Lawrence Welk; a renowned American musician, television impresario, accordionist and bandleader).”

In was in the 1960s (more specifically 1964), then Lawrence Welk procured approximately 900 acres of under-developed land close to the Escondido California situating 32.3km (or 20 miles) from the north of San Diego.

“Lawrence had the vision to morph this under-developed stretch of real-estate into a luxurious resort aptly complemented with a golf course which could be utilized from time-to-time for one of his night entertainment shows.”

Already known for his wonderful performances and large fan base from radio, televisions TV performances and even life shows, Lawrence idea of creating a relaxing vacation spot (along with his frequent shows at the gold course) proved to be a resounding success.

With the tick of time, this eventually transpired to become one of the main magnetism of WELK RESORT GROUP!

 After that, the WELK RESORT GROUP grew its popularity as Lawrence further looked make it a recreational motel and mobile home community – something which today we all refer to timeshare vacation properties!

Lawrence strived to give a new meaning to luxurious holidaying, and these unique developments garnered heaps of tourists and vacationers. After witnessing the impressive quantum jump of holidaymakers, Lawrence also included a theatre, enlarging of the usual golf course and creating more vacation homes for all and sundry.

Once the original property was revamped and expanded, Larry Welk; a record company executive and the son/heir of Lawrence Welk took over the WELK RESORT GROUP.  In the year 1980; Larry Welk was officially made its 1st ever CEO, and from then onwards guided the WELK RESORT GROUP into the timeshare and luxury resort business.

Fast-forwarding 50 years since the company’s inception; today, it has advanced 5 luxury resorts and over 1000 vacation accommodation ownership. The primary ownership still remains intact with the WELK family with 88% of the ownership distributed among 7 family members and its former president.

The remaining 12% is under the ownership of its employees’ courtesy an Employee Stock Ownership Deal.

“At Present; The WELK RESORT GROUP Is Spearheaded By Jon Fredricks; Who Happens To Be The Grandson Of None Other Than Lawrence WELK Himself!”


The main objective of WELK RESORT GROUP is to make vacations fun-filled, exciting, family-friendly and highly recuperative.

And if that’s your typical concept of vacation accommodation, then WELK RESORT GROUP is most definitely the place for you to explore at least once!

Here Are Some Surefire Reasons To Check Them Out!

  • No matter what resort or timescale location you choose from the WELK RESORT GROUP, you are sure to find lots of fun activities to enjoy
  • When you come down to stay; your vacation experience will be full of luxury comfort. What’s more, you will be taken care of not as a guest, but as a family member. So, it your home away from home arrangement!
  • All WELK timeshare kitchens will be stacked with the necessary utensils and easy-to-prepare meals best suiting your particular day’s taste-bud
  • You can catch glimpses of the awe-inspiring sunrise from your timeshare deck or patio either with a cup of coffee or glass of juice- depending on your choice
  • If you are travelling with kids, then they will have lots of scopes to dive into the resort/timeshare pool and spend the day splashing, swimming or indulging in all manner of fun water sports for as long as they want
  • Furthermore, WELK Timeshare properties also consist of quality customer service to fine-tune your living requirements and as a result help create memories which will last a lifetime


Truth be told, WELK Timeshare properties aren’t that different to other existing timeshare vacation properties.

In fact, they share a likeness to other renowned timeshare properties like Marriott Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacations.

WELK Timeshare consists of spas, pools and many other amenities in different location destinations. The only noticeable edge it has over others is that it offers a more elite luxury holidaying experience!

That said, even despite that, the WELK RESORT GROUP has its fair share of existing issues. And that makes it at par with other revered vacation clubs!


As per the gathered information, WELK Resorts and timeshare properties are located all throughout California, Missouri, Colorado and Mexico.

Here’s A Clearer Idea….

  • San Diego, California
  • Palm Springs, California
  • North Star, Lake Tahoe, California
  • Branson, Missouri
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • And, Breckenridge, Colorado

Each of these splendorous timeshare properties features a large golf course and movie theatre- as a token to keep Lawrence Welk’s legacy intact! Furthermore, each luxury resort and vacation timeshare consists of a fine combination of 1st class comfortable accommodation and lots of entertainment carefully selected to enjoy with family and friends. This includes Broadway-style comedians, productions and highly enrapturing concerts.

Each of these arrangements denotes a token of appreciation to the ‘Man’ himself- who turned his dream into a reality.

And by providing utmost luxury accommodations and exciting activities for all vacationers; it continues to commit to the ancient WELK tradition which started decades back.

However, if you are skeptical about acquiring a timeshare or in doubt about, DO TIMESHARE CANCELLATION COMPANIES WORK? And, if you can no longer afford to continue the timeshare agreement due to the increasing maintenance fees, you better check some reliable reviews online and research thoroughly.

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