Juice line production 

Juice line production 


The hot filling contains 100% pure fruit juice, tea, energy drinks  and granules. How to choose the right production line “Details decide success or  failure” Sino PAK has been based on quality since its inception.

Whatever type of drink you produce, our experience, technology and service, we  have made great strides in ensuring the durability of our bottles and the stability  of our production line. At present, we have solved more than 200 heating pipe  installation methods around the world, including Spain, Panama, Yemen and  other countries and regions.

This unit 3-in-1 hot cap fruit juice filling machine is used to make beverage juice  from glass/PET bottles. 3-in-1 unit RXGF-wash-fill-cap: Juicer can stop all  processes such as bottle press, filling, sealing, shorten the contact time between  materials and strangers, health conditions, capacity, economy Can improve  efficiency.

Washing part:

 All 304 stainless steel flush heads, water jet type infusion

design, save more water and clean.

 304 Stainless steel handle with plastic pad, make sure the  bottle does not fall off while cleaning

 304 stainless steel cleaning pump

Filling Part:

 High precision filling nozzle, PLC variable signal control, ensure  high filling accuracy

 Gravity filling and regular and regular filling

 All contact parts and liquid reservoir are made of 304 stainless  steel, fine polished, easy to clean

 No bottles or refills

Capping part:

 Placement and capping system with electromagnetic cap and unloading  function ensures that the smallest bottle falls during capping.

 All 304 stainless steel.

 No Bottle without cap and automatic shut-off without bottle.  Water Treatment System:

The membrane element is reverse osmosis which  resists CIP disinfection treatment. The outer shell is made of fiberglass reinforced  plastic and stainless steel. Interior walls and used pipes are polished and  passivated with no dead corners or dead water areas to prevent the growth of  microorganisms. The valve table, sealing ring and all piping are equipped with  German cordless welding machines. The automatic welding speed meets the  design standards set by the FDA for hygiene and water hammer resistance, and  the clean water recovery rate is over 80%.

A reverse osmosis system is a device that purifies water from a pressure  difference with a semi-permanent storage tank. The basic equipment of the water  pump is imported, and the membrane filter is imported from our own company  from America. It has a full range of cleaning units. It has the characteristics of  simple structure and conservative operation. And a high technical level. The  quality of treated water can meet national waterway standards.

Blow molding system:

Programmed blow forming machine is reasonable for  delivering PET plastic holders and jugs in all shapes. It is generally used to deliver  the carbonated jug, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle beautifying agents,  wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle and so on.

Automatic Shrink Machine:

Such as mineral water, purified water, drinking water,  beverages, beer, juices, dairy products, spices, etc. Filling and bottling production  line.

The retractable PVC labeling machine is suitable for round bottles, flat bottles,  square bottles, curved bottles, cups and other products for food and beverage,  medicine, daily chemicals and other light industries.


 The whole machine uses high quality stainless steel and aluminum, well  built, compact and easy to adjust.

 No anchor bolts that can be easily moved and flexible space with  machining.

 Shrink label holder, adjustable brake and paper tube fit labels from 5 “to  10” for easy adjustment.

 The exclusive use of standard methods, the use of print-type offers in a  practical and reasonable way.

 Automatic feed motor, while material leveling reduces film tension  adjustment.

 The volume detection system ensures that errors are minimized.   The unique design of the special blade in the frame, can freely change the  ATC, ATC block quickly and easily.

 B-pillar mounting system, quick and tool-free replacement.   Position label, depending on the shape of the tank, the position  adjustment can be synchronized with the movement.

 Screw bottle clock, positioning belt, chain synchronous adjustment and  speed adjustment are quick and easy.

 Accept Japanese highly sensitive and photovoltaic servo motor, standard  length is precision

 Electronic control box made of stainless steel, controls the operation of  the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC.

 introduced advanced automatic control technology for human-machine  interface, the main electrical components are internationally renowned  products

Shrink wrapping machine:

This Pet Container Therapist Wrapping Machine is a  sort of programmed automated activity of the L kind fixing and cutting machine,  generally utilized in large scale manufacturing bundling line creation, reasonable  for various width and stature items. The Pet Container Psychologist Wrapping  Machine additionally has the capacity of contact , uniquely intended for pressing  little items.

Main feature:

 The abstract has advanced hot stamping and hot cutting construction,  strong sealing, clean edge, good sewing performance and no flash.   Linear feeding bottle, small space occupation, convenient design, stable  transport and high efficiency.

 Full protection function: When there is an obstacle at the sealing and  cutting place, the device is protected and at the same time an alarm is  triggered to prevent damage to the packaging.

 Accepts plastic steel chain conveyor belt, long-term use, no deformation,  low bypass, stable transportation.

 Unique patent outsourcing mechanism, precise and stable outsourcing,  convenient adjustment.

 Accurate PID temperature controller, precise temperature control.   Shrink wrap uses an exclusive patented circulation system and hot air  deflection, with adjustable airflow and natural heat recovery. The patented  design of the oven not only produces a good packaging effect, but also  plays the best role in energy saving. * The shrinking furnace has a special  thermal protection structure which can not only reduce energy  consumption, but also ensure the safe operation of workers.


The stable wooden package protects the machine from impact and  damage.

The wrapped plastic film protects the engine from moisture and corrosion.  Non-carbonated packaging facilitates customs clearance.

The large engine is mounted on the tank without a package.


For LCL, we have partnered with a well-known logistics team to deliver  heavy equipment to the port quickly and safely.

For FCL, we procure containers and carefully load containers from skilled  workers.

Freight carriers have professional and long-term cooperating freight carriers  that can handle freight smoothly.

Also, I would like to cooperate frankly with the forwarder at a convenient time.  Application:

RXGF collection juice filling line is used to provide PET bottled juice  in the quantity from 200ml to 2000ml. Different fashions can fulfill the numerous  output necessities from 1500B/H to 25000B/H.this gadget contains rinsing, filling,  and capping into one type of full-computerized gadget. It is appropriate for

generating PET and Plastic bottled juice and tea. The technique of filling adopts  warm filling. The gadget is outfitted with superior Mitsubishi PLC to manipulate  the operation and cooperate via way of means of the number one motor’s  frequency converter. It makes the procedure extra solid and reliable. The  photoelectric sensor is used to hit upon every section’s working conditions, which  makes the operation of this gadget noticeably computerized and convenient.

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