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Juice Wrld’s introduction is known all over the world. Everyone is in the world knows his from his song ‘Lucid Dream’. Talking about the popularity, first, we look at his figures of views on YouTube. 157 million views on YouTube. It was the career turning song in his career.

His background was not glossy, he was just a simple man like all of the other American poor people. Having divorced parents is not an easy thing to swallow. He was living in his pain. He was with his mother in all of his childhood. His friendship with Lil peep was worth watching. Lil peep also died an accidental death. Which causes him to lose a friend. So in the memory of his friend, he sang a song. You can say that this was the emotional song of losing such an exemplary friend.

But there was no difference between the death of both rappers. Both died probably in the same manner. He was on his private jet but before jumping on the same of his death we should discuss other things. There was a raid from the police that on a certain jet, some people are carrying drugs up to several pounds. After getting news from the unknown source, radially a raid was about to happen on that jet.

That raid was severe to affect someone who is sitting with fully loaded himself with drugs. Juice Wrld took a lot of toxic drugs. It was found by the police that he was carrying 70 pounds of marijuana is something which is sealed. Also found some codeine cough syrups.  The police have also found some security guards, guarding him. Probably there was assault fighting between the police and the Jet. Their police founded guns in which one of them was severely dangerous and the other was a normal gun. He is Also very famous for Juice Wrld Merch Hoodies. You can also visit his official Merch Store named as JuiceWrldMerch999.store

He started his singing passion by posting some of his songs clips on the mobile phone. Gradually, he showed his passion for singing. His mother was not modern and did not like his son to become a rapper. In his sound cloud career, he got a peak position of 103. That was very encouraging for him to gain 103 positions among singers from all over the world.

The drugs which he was getting before his death were used for treating highly severe pain. Without pain, it is no likely to use this type of pain treating drugs. In his songs, he often talks about his health and always took the step to promote drugs as he was himself very much an addict.

A lot of his music scenes were fully mixed with his drug adaption depiction. Well, FamousHoodie this is the thing which was causing his slow death and finally happened someday during a police raid. He was exemplary he did not tend to do such things but his depression lured him in his enjoyment.

His latest song was ‘SMILE’ uploaded 2 months before on sound cloud. His following on sound cloud was also in the millions. Millions of people were in shock, some of them are blaming the police that they killed him not accidentally but intentionally. A feeling of deep sorrow for them and them always listen to his songs with unended sorrow.

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