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Key Points For Buying The Right Used Turf Equipment

Buying new turf equipment is a huge investment. And sometimes we don’t have enough money to purchase new equipment, which can pause the maintenance of the golf course. On the other hand, buying used turf equipment reduces the investment or purchase cost upto 50 percent. That is the reason why many people nowadays are engaging more in buying used equipment.

If you are also thinking of buying used turf tools, then there are a few key points to consider to help you find the right used turf tool. Here are all such points:

First Purchase Date And Manufacturing Year

The first thing to do when choosing used turf machinery is to check its manufacturing date. If the machinery is more than six to seven years old, there are chances that its manufacturer might have discontinued it. In that case, finding spare parts of that machinery becomes a more challenging job. Plus, you might also not get service from the authorized centers. Before placing your order, make sure you have checked all these points from the seller’s website. Also, don’t forget to check the purchase date of the machinery. This way, you can get an idea of the current condition of the machinery.

Working Hours

Another important thing to check is the working hours of the turf machinery. If your seller is genuine, he won’t hide this information from his customers. If you can’t find the working hours of machinery, it means they are hiding the tool’s actual condition. Make a call to the seller and ask about the actual working hours of the machinery you are thinking of buying. This will also help you to know whether the seller is genuine or fraud. Compare different working hours of the machinery and choose the best out of it.


While shopping for used turf tools, don’t forget to consider the brand name. Generally, branded equipment is capable of doing various jobs like dethatching, raking, or mowing perfectly. On the other hand, there is no guarantee of a local band’s machinery to work as efficiently as a branded one. There are very few brands that are ruling the golf course industry, like Tore, John Dear, and Jacobsen. These three are one the best and reputed sellers of golf course equipment, dealing worldwide. You should always prefer choosing a seller that deals in only reputed brands like the above.

Warranty And After-Warranty Services

Whether you are buying a new or used machinery, don’t forget to ask the seller about the warranty. Mostly, used turf equipment has a limited warranty period of almost three to four months. Make sure to read the terms and conditions precisely to learn about the factors and things they have covered. Obviously, after the warranty period’s expiration, you still need someone to take care of the technical issues if they arise. Ask the seller about the service centers that can handle your machinery with complete care and can resolve its defects fast.

Final Words

So, these were some key points that can help you find good used turf machinery. Thus next time when you see an AD like “used turf machinery for sale,” don’t rush out and place the order. Stay calm and use these key points to know about the genuineness of the seller.

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