Lingerie Essentials that Every Girl Should Invest In

Lingerie can make or break your dress! Thus, it is very important to invest in the right pair of lingerie. In this blog, we have curated lingerie essentials that every girl must have in her wardrobe. This lingerie is an instant fix for all your garments related problems and would give your dress a nice look and fall. Scroll down to more.

1. A Black & Nude Bra

Who does not love to have different types of bras in different prints and colors? However, it is your choice whether you want to have them or not, but you cannot do without a black and nude color bra. A black colored bra goes well with all types of dark-colored fabrics; it gives the desired coverage. A nude bra is perfect to pair with all your translucent tops and blouses, especially the ones that are light in color or white. It will not show up and give a nice look.

2. Sport Bra

Most of the women hardly spare time for the workout because of their busy schedules. Having a sports bra in the closet will definitely be bliss for you. As it would remind you to work out. It provides firm support to the breast. It also restricts the access movement of the bra that could otherwise lead to sagging. Also, it could be an ideal alternative to your regular bra. You can wear it along with your T-shirt or tops.

3. T-shirt Bra

We often fall prey to fancy bras and end up wearing uncomfortable bras most of the time. It might give you pleasure while splurging on fancy bras, but it is a T-shirt bra that would actually comfort you in the long run. A T-shirt bra is smooth and goes well with all types of outfits. You do not have to struggle with a bra while wearing a tricky dress. Also, it gives proper support.

4. Seamless Panties

You agree, or not seamless panties are life saviors. Also, they are comfortable. Regular panties have tick panty lines that could be visible for light fabrics; on the other hand, seamless panties have a very thin line that is not visible. These are also perfect to pair up with all kinds of dresses, including jeans, skirts, traditional wear, etc. Online lingerie shops like Clovia and many others have a vast range of seamless panties. Download its app or browse through the app to get a perfect pair of seamless panties for yourself. Do not forget to use Clovia coupons in order to avail a hefty discount on your online shopping.

5. Thongs

One of the myths related to thongs is that they are very uncomfortable. On the contrary, these types of bras are quite comfortable also they are perfect for body-hugging dresses as the panty lines are not see-through. Also, these types of panties are ideal for all the girls who do not look for the coverage. These too are available in different colors and print. You can go for a necessary thing.

6. Spanx Underwear

Believe it or not, Spanx underwear is stapled for all the girls. These are perfect to wear under the fitted dresses. These are kind of underwear shapewear that is excellent to hide the belly bulge. Also, these ensure that the fit of the dress is smooth and has a great fall. However, make sure that you invest in the quality Spanx underwear that goes a long way.

7. Boy Shorts

Another lingerie that you must invest in is Boy Shorts. These two are quite comfortable and ideal for everyday wear. These types of shorts provide complete coverage. Also, you can wear them under short dresses. You can have Boy shorts in a light and dark color or the one that matches your dress.

8. Dress Slip

We all have types of dresses that tend to cling to the skin or are too transparent; for such garments, a dress slip is a perfect addition. Wearing a dress slip underneath will ensure that your dress falls smoothly and works as the right fix for all the sheer or transparent dresses. While you can have these in any color, according to your clothing’s demand, however, add a nude and dark-colored dress slip in your wardrobe.

9. Skirt Slip

Like dress slip, one must also invest in the skirt slip. It gives a nice fall to your skirt. These act as a great fix to all your transparent skirts. It would not let the fabric cling to your body and will give a nice look.


Lingerie is the most underrated garment. However, the fact is they are necessities. It’s up to you whether you want to splurge on different types of lingerie. However, make sure that your wardrobe has all the lingerie staples that you would ever need.

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