Feel Good With Your Pictures

Make People Feel Good With Your Pictures: Secrets Of Boosting Sales Through Product Images

You have probably heard a lot about the importance of product images for your online business. Well, yes, you may think: practically half of all sales now take place online, and it explains why people want more pictures of things they plan to buy.

But how exactly does it work? What matters: the size or the quality? Should pictures be fun or as sterile and serious as the Swiss bank? And the right answer is… all of it! Both field marketers and university scholars tried to investigate the matter (each group for their reasons, naturally), and they have arrived at the same set of conclusions.

These observations are universal for consumers all around the world. So no matter if you run an online shop from Mumbai, reside and work in Paris, or look for product photography in Los Angeles for your online store. The following rules will work anywhere.

The emotional component of the equation

To begin with, an image should catch your eye and imagination. No matter what is sold, if it stirs emotions in you (positive emotions, preferably), you will likely engage with the product depicted. Observe yourself when you shop in your local grocery: what goods do you approach in a good mood?  Are they organized neatly? Are they organized into some funny image, like a snowman for Christmas or a sun for the holiday season?

We bet the answer will be ‘yes’ to all questions. You are guided by your emotions, although you may not notice them. When the goods make you smile or feel good, you are most likely to buy them. You buy not the goods, but the emotions they bring you.

Whether you order your product photography in Los Angeles or London, in Madrid or Berlin, remember the emotional component. The images need to evoke positive emotions, and it can be partially done through storytelling or a smart layout. Storytelling is showing the product in use – with the implications of success, happiness, or pleasurable activities. A winning athlete, a happy family, a group of laughing friends on the stroll – good emotions are bubbling in such images, and so the sales of depicted goods grow.

The practical component of the equation

When a sober mind joins the shopping party, customers start thinking about how products look from all sides and if the details are as good as the whole item.

In this case, the presence of high-resolution, high-quality images with a zooming-in option is the key. When the customer can look closer at the product, they feel safe about its quality.

The same applies to the 360° view: it lets the customer ‘rotate’ the item and look at it from all sides like it happens in offline stores.

For these images, emotions are secondary, and accuracy is first. They should deliver the actual size, shape, and color of the item. And the emotional ‘lifestyle’ image will do the rest.

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