Granny Flats

Making Smart Choices For Granny Flats

Granny flats are accommodation for older family members, usually built adjacent to the main house. Granny flats can be constructed anywhere around your home in Australia if there is no objection from your neighbours and with a building permit. They help one take care of the older family members and keep an eye on ageing parents. It takes away the pressure on older people to move into a new place or move to a nursing home.

Building a granny flat is an excellent choice because compared to nursing homes, one can customise it according to the elders’ needs and always be close to them. In Australia, companies like granny flat builders gold coast offer excellent packages that cover everything from site inspection to construction. Some things should be kept in mind while building or renovating granny flats.

● Installing furniture:

Installing appropriate furniture in granny flats according to the needs of the person is very important. Prioritise furniture and decide what and where to install. For a person with a disability, building furniture that’s disability-friendly is the best decision. Plan on the furniture positioning so that they can move around the house freely and do not hit or trip on the furniture.

● Lighting and visibility:

Older people may have poor vision, and one should keep that in mind during building or renovating granny flats. The smart choice for granny flats would be to make sure the lighting is bright, and the controls are accessible, especially in places where they often have to move around, like the hallways, bathroom, etc.

● Easy to use bathrooms:

Installing non-slippery floors is one of the best decisions to make for a granny flat. Build handlebars along the bathroom walls so that the elderly can hold onto something while using the bathroom. Choosing shower rooms instead of bathtubs and installing a small stool to sit and shower is also a good idea.

● Install slip-resistant floors:

It would be an excellent choice to install slip-resistant floors or making floors slip-resistant by installing rugs and mats to prevent slips and trips. If the elders use walkers and other support systems like a wheelchair, make sure that there are no steps or blocks for them to move around.

● Accessibility:

Granny flats are built small and not too enclosed, which is perfect, because it makes moving around the place easy and more accessible. Build compartments for clothes and food at a lower level instead of high shelves. For older people in wheelchairs, make sure to lower it accordingly. Build medicine cabinets with days of the week and time specified so that they do not miss their medication. Setting up emergency contacts on their phones is also essential so that they can reach out easily in case of emergencies.

Always ask the elders about their needs and requirements before building a granny flat. This is essential as living in a space that suits their preferences will lift their spirits. Companies like Smart Choice Granny Flats will help one build the best granny flats that cater to the older person’s needs and requirements and keep them satisfied. Granny flats are built adjacent to the house to provide older people with their private space and help them be independent. Involving them in different activities, along with the family, can keep them active and happy.

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