Mangastream – Is it Active? Top 6 Best Alternative Manga Sites in 2020

Mangastream – Is it Active? Top 6 Best Alternative Manga Sites in 2020

Online manga sites have made the process of getting access to and reading online manga easier than ever. There are so many amazing manga services out there for you to check out, that offer HD quality manga for free. And out of all these sites, mangastream offered the best manga reading services.

There has been a lot of confusion among online manga readers about the current working status of manga streams. Some people believe it to be down and not working and some people claim that it is still active.

We are here to deal with all these confusions and to end this debate once and for all. So, let’s get started and see what is going on with Manga Stream

Mangastream – Best Online Manga Reading Website

Mangastream is arguably one of the best online manga sites to ever exist. It offered unparalleled quality of services and HD manga quality without any kind of charges. It was a free manga site that was widely popular among the online manga readers community.

On this site, the users could simply just go to and read their favorite manga. They didn’t have to pay anything or go through weird registration processes to read manga. This was one of the best features of this site.

Is Mangastream Active?

By the tone of our mangastream intro, you have probably already guessed its current status. Yes, the official mangastream website is not active anymore. It stopped providing its services a few years back. You can’t use this site to read manga online.

And for people who believe this site to be active, the websites that they are seeing online with the same name i.e. mangastream are not the real thing. These sites are clones of the real one that are trying to replicate the user experience of the original site.

So, the bottom line is, mangastream is just not there anymore. And if you are looking for a similar user experience, you have no other choice but go to an alternative manga site.

Best Mangastream Alternative Sites in 2020

  • MangaOwl: MangaOwl is an amazing free manga site with thousands of manga series that you can read for free. We love the user interface of this site and the fact that it is extremely easy to navigate. This manga website has been recommended by manga readers from all around the globe.
  • MangaFreak: MangaFreak is from the owners of AnimeFreak website. This site features a huge collection of manga, stunning user interface and power search features which make it easier for you to search for your favorite manga. This site is free to use and doesn’t require monthly subscription fees.
  • MangaInn: MangaInn is considerably new in the business but it is still growing at an enormous pace. It won’t be long until it stands beside the top-rated manga sites. This website has a great user interface and the user experience of this site is also awesome. It is completely safe and secure to use. This site is recommended for beginner manga readers because of the ease of use that it has to offer.
  • Mangaz

If you are looking for a manga site with original Japanese language manga, then you won’t find a better option than Mangaz. This site is meant for Japanese audiences and it doesn’t have English translated manga. The best thing about this site is its remarkable mobile version which makes it easier for you to read manga wherever you want to.

  • TenManga

TenManga is a great choice for reading manga in an uninterrupted environment. You won’t find many ads on this site. You can learn more about manga sites with very little ads on Past News. TenManga takes the ease of use to a whole new level when it comes to reading manga online. It offers hundreds of manga series that are available for you to read 24/7.

Final Words

MangaStream has inspired many manga sites over the years to enhance their user experience and quality of services. There have been many sites made just to fill the void that mangastream has left behind. These sites are trying their hardest to match the level of awesomeness that mangastream had so we believe them to be worth a shot. Make sure to check out the manga stream alternative sites that we have given here for an amazing online manga reading experience.

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