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Misconceptions around head shaving

While for a man opting for a shaved head it is simply about shaving the hair with a head shaver and the job is done, however, the way he is perceived by society is pretty weird and embarrassing. A bald man is subjected to much useless advice and bizarre conversations regarding the missing hair simply because he does not fit society’s standards of being handsome and attractive. They are often judged and estimated based on their bald appearance and are offered many tips and odd cures for their bald head. Society is filled with myths and misconceptions surrounding a balding head, which definitely do not make sense. The most common misconception about a shaved head is that people shave their heads to hide male-patterned baldness, which is, however, not quite correct in today’s scenario when a shaved head has emerged as a style statement.

And this trending hairstyle of a shaved head has also managed to pave the way for many companies making head shaver for men competing in the market to bring out the best performing tool. While the businesses are gearing up but still the bald men have to keep fighting the societal beliefs regarding a shaved head. However, when misconceptions are concerned most of them are baseless whereas some of them can be partly true. Let’s find out those myths and misconceptions concerning a shaved head and analyze them in a new light.

When shaving becomes a solution to falling hairs, most of these myths spark around baldness and there are many conditions that are presumed to trigger the hair fall, to begin with. As much as myths are concerned they are mostly baseless beliefs and so require to be busted with scientifical reasoning.

  • As it is widely believed that stress can be a reason for falling hair, which is true on some levels as stress can accelerate hair fall, which is more of a genetic medical problem. Moreover, premature hair fall itself can be the cause of stress for many, thus it can be concluded that stress is definitely not the primary cause of hair fall in men.
  • Most hair products promote the nutrient and vitamin ingredients as a cure for hair fall. But if medical findings are to be believed then hair growth and hair fall are directly related to the blood flow to the scalp. So, it is the decreased blood flow that results in hair loss and not the nutrients and vitamins.
  • When speaking about hair products, many hair products advertise that they promote faster hair growth which may not be the case. Shampoos and oil help in protecting the hair from pollutants and other harmful objects but in no way help in the fast-growing of hairs.
  • Many people believe that baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family, however, medically it is found that the gene responsible for baldness is androgenetic which can be inherited from any side of the family.
  • It is also widely circulated that shaving is bad for the skin which is not entirely wrong. Using the correct shaving tool can be harmless whereas using a tool such as razors where the sharp blades can lead to razor burns and also bring some injuries. Especially, while shaving the head make sure to use a branded head shaver for better results and safety.
  • Moreover, do not believe the popular saying that shaving your hair can help in their growing back stronger. Shaving can help in the growth of healthy hair but thicker hair is not something that can be promoted by shaving.
  • Many bald men have been subjected to humiliation based on the idea that they cannot be in a relationship as women do not find a bald man attractive. While on the contrary it is found that women find bald men more attractive and appealing. Besides, bald men give the aura of domination and trust which helps them succeed both in their personal and professional life.
  • Some people advise that playing with the hair can lead to baldness, which definitely doesn’t come with any scientific reasoning. Playing with the hair usually suggests nervousness and frustration and that has nothing to do with baldness.

All these misconceptions have been fueled by popular beliefs and most people take them as seriously as the Holy Bible but being in the 21st century when every argument has an underlined scientific explanation, these beliefs do not make sense. As much as the reasons for shaving the head have changed over the years so are the reasons for baldness explained in a better way. It is high time when we keep ourselves protected from believing in these myths and understand for once and all that baldness is associated with genes or any other medical conditions.

Bottom Line:

It must have by now occurred to you how misleading these myths are and how they do nothing but promote fear and anxiety among people. If you are a man in his mid-thirties and are stressed out about impending baldness due to falling hair, just know that you are not alone in this. There are medical treatments to treat baldness and in case nothing works, be confident enough to pick up a head shaver for men and shave off the manes and embrace baldness. You can find yourself being more confident, stress-free, less embarrassed, and a free bird with a bald head. Moreover, there are many fashion goals that a bald man can achieve and rock the fashion game. So, shake off these myths and look for scientific reasonings behind your hair loss and take action accordingly.

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