Safely Travel During Pregnancy

Motherly Caution: How To Safely Travel During Pregnancy

Traveling while being pregnant can be a big challenge. You are responsible for a life and every decision you make now affects two people. In such situations, it is imperative to spend your time in research and understanding how you can keep yourself safe during transit.

This article will explore a few simple tips that you can easily follow to make your journey worthwhile:

Make a Visit To Your Doctor

Consulting your doctor before any major step is a must. If you have a traveling schedule, make sure to book a consultation before booking your trip. You can ask for advice on medications, precautions, and other details about overall safety for you and the baby.

A doctor can help you assess your current health condition and conclude your health status for the flight. Medical experts suggest not to travel during your first and third trimesters as they are the most vulnerable physical stages.

Ask your doctor to note his pieces of advice down as a prescription so that you can follow them daily while traveling.

Learn about Vaccinating During Pregnancy

While consulting with your doctor, ask them about the Covid vaccination procedure. As a pregnant woman, it is important to learn about vaccinations and which ones are okay for you.

For example, avoid all vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, etc. Before moving forward with any vaccine, consult your doctor and agree to run tests for a thorough examination.

Check if You Have Travel Health Insurance

If you have a travel insurance policy, it can help with various hazards on the road. Robbery, missing items, medical emergencies, etc. are just a few cases that travel insurance can cover.

Before booking your next flight, ask your insurance agent if your travel policy coverage compensates for pregnant women and what it covers. You can then take the next steps to ensure your safety abroad.

Choose Safer Activities for Fun

If you are going for a vacation, chances are that there are some recreational activities planned. Read through your bucket list again to check if there is anything that can prove dangerous for you and the baby.

It is best to keep a safe and simple itinerary during your vacation while you are pregnant. For example, if you are traveling to say Louisville, KY, you might want to try out the Endless Summer Paddle. While it sounds like an amazing on-water adventure, it might be risky for a pregnant woman. The same goes for hot air balloon rides as it might feel a bit queasy. Keeping a safe yet exciting schedule for yourself can help you enjoy your holiday without any risks.

Know All About The Transportation System

The first tip to travel when pregnant is to keep yourself hydrated. If it is possible, book a place close to home. It can be hard for pregnant women to travel long distances on any vehicle. If you take a car, bus, or plane, adjust your seatbelt below your abdomen.

Most airlines do not allow any pregnant women in their late trimester to fly, as it can be risky for them. Of course, for women in the second trimester, walk around a bit and wear compression stockings. These can reduce the chances of developing blood clots.

Look for Comfortable Accommodation

If you are looking for apartments in Louisville, Ky, check for the benefits you can enjoy. For example, look for features such as:

  • Fully furnished kitchens
  • In-room washer and dryer
  • Lifestyle essentials such as coffee makers, cushions, hairdryers, etc.

Bottom Line

Many pregnant women travel safely every year. The key is to plan your itinerary, book your accommodation, and outline your entire travel with pregnancy caution. If you are traveling for work, or a small holiday, take care of your body to keep medical emergencies at bay and your baby healthy.

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