Humber Valley Village

Reasons Why Torontonians Should Move to The Humber Valley Village

Whoever thought a city like Toronto would have an inner-city neighborhood that would be peaceful, worth living in, worth the investment, and worth the reputation. Gone are the days when the city used to be small and was solely concentrated on making apartments to curb suburban sprawl. Now Toronto is Canada’s undisputedly largest city.

Toronto has grown beyond its conventional boundaries and the city has exhibited phenomenal growth. With the downtown core and surrounding areas proving to be noisy and hence oriented solely towards young singles and dating couples; there is a place in Toronto that is well suited for those who wish to start families.

Say Hello to Humber Valley Village, Toronto’s most tranquil and beautiful neighborhood.

A bit about Humber Valley Village

Etobicoke is unique. Being in the western part of Toronto, it never fails to impress people thanks to its greenery, courtesy of Lambton Woods, James Gardens, Lambton Country and Golf Club, St. George’s Golf and Country Club, Princess Anne Park, Buttonwood Park, Scarlett Mills Park, and Scarlett Woods Golf Courses.

Etobicoke is lush with wonderful neighborhoods and Humber Valley Village happens to stand out tall among those constituting Etobicoke. The schools in the area are top of the line, the mix of homes is great, and the amenities are convenient, plus not to mention the vast opportunities for outdoor recreation.

In short, Torontonians looking for the perfect neighborhood to start another phase of life involving starting a family, settling down, and getting their own home. There is also a plus point; Construction of condos is underway on The Kingsway to create Toronto condos for sale in Humber Valley Village.

However, the area is concentrating on keeping itself rich with suburban homes, so condos are constructed by tearing down old low-story condo and apartments to make new high-rise ones, thus preventing condo and real estate saturation.

Why should a Torontonian move to Humber Valley Village? Key reasons explaining a worthwhile move

Here are some concrete reasons for Torontonians to make the move to Humber Valley Village:

An Ideal Neighborhood for Families

The neighborhood may be an inner-city suburb but is surely exceptional. Humber Valley Village is that enclave of Etobicoke renowned for its mature trees, rolling hills, and a sense of peace, calm & tranquility. It has numerous bungalows and homes modeled on Colonial, Georgian, and Tudor architectural styles.

Other than that, it has highly reputable schools such as the Humber Valley Village Junior Middle School and Richview Collegiate ensuring children obtain the best schooling and quality education.

Greenery Galore, There’s Beauty to Be Explored

Residents of Humber Valley Village are blessed to have the beautiful James Gardens in their area. The park is a botanical oasis featuring walking paths, waterfalls, and rock gardens as well as tulips & other flowery trees.

Whether residents would love to explore the whole 21-acre park on foot or have a good view of it from the historic James Gazebo, they will quickly find out that James Gardens is a well-kept gem of Etobicoke and a feather in its cap too.

A Nice Place to Be for The Avid Golfers

Avid Golfers, good news for you all!

Humber Valley Village in Etobicoke is among the best places to live in Toronto. The area has the St. George’s Golf and Country Club which is not only a staple of both Etobicoke and Toronto but also one of the best places in the world to start hitting the links.

Also present nearby is the charming Islington Golf Club, designed masterfully for both golfers true to the heart fans and avid golfers.

Getting in And Around Humber Valley Village Is Easy

Humber Valley Village may be in the suburbs, it is quite close to Toronto’s city core in comparison to what people perceive. Those who own a car can reach downtown in as little as 20 minutes, making the neighborhood ideal for residents seeking tranquility in an otherwise noisy city.

Those who use public transit will find out that the area is served by numerous bus routes alongside Islington Avenue and Royal York Road. It is also home to numerous subway stations along the subway lines of both Bloor-Danforth and Yonge Street-University-Spadina.

The Neighborhood Is Rich with Green Spaces

Torontonians will find beautiful and easy to reach green spaces in Humber Valley Village. Among them is Buttonwood Park which is 4.3-acres featuring a playground, tennis courts, and ample open space. Another one is Humber Valley Park is best known for its outdoor rink, instrumental in attracting figure skaters and hockey players from around the community.


While Etobicoke is abundant with loads of incredible neighborhoods, Humber Valley Village tops them all. With the community regarded as the most wonderful of them all by Toronto and its grateful residents, it continues to be that way and is ranked among the most expensive as well.

Yet, some Torontonians can afford it. Those who wish to live in a really good neighborhood of Toronto should not forget to consider Luxurious Villa as their preferred residential neighborhood.

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