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The 12 Best Movies About Сollege

College is not only about endless classes, education blogs, homework hacks and final exams preparation. For most young people, college life and cinematography are the indispensable attributes of fun and entertainment. And, thanks to creative and nostalgia-driven  directors, college and the movie industry have been connected very closely and artfully. College serves as a great theme for teenage films, letting viewers, who are either going through this point-turning period or have already been through it, now participate in college life as observers, seeing it through a different perspective that introduces them to hilarious, inspiring content!

Keeping in mind the tremendous popularity of teen films and the distinctiveness of the niche they have formed in cinematography, we gave some thought to compiling top movies about college for you to relish this beautiful college epoch in your life with greater passion!

“Senseless,” 1998

Earning wide admiration and universal acclaim for its rib-tickling screenplay and an outstanding theme, this teen comedy became one of the greatest college films of all time! “Senseless” features irresistible Marlon Wayans as the lead actor and introduces the viewer to the curious story of a necessitous college boy who gets a superpower as a result of the chemical experiment he enrolled in. Wayans’s stunning acting, accompanied by the adorable and unbeatable spirit of the late 90s college life, is what deservedly brought this film on the top list of teenage cinematography.

“22 Jump Street,” 2012

As a sequel to the famous “21 Jump Street” film that used a typical US high school as its setting, this movie introduces us to the drug war at the backdrop of a thrilling teenage rave now taking place in college! The hilarious tandem of two rambunctious policemen and the rioting ambiance of an American college are the mainstays of this catchy teen movie that make it a must-see for people hungry for fun and action.

“Road Trip,” 2000

Why not take a trip to the lovable teenage fun of the ending 2nd millennium and watch “Road Trip?” You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the fascinating adventures of four desperate college friends who embark on a risky mission of saving a love relationship. This wonderful movie fuses the epic road movie genre with teenage filmmaking, which makes “Road Trip” a distinctive piece of cinematography.

“Scream,” 1996

This beautiful, atmospheric, and epochal movie remains a legend of the teenage horror genre. Today, it’s hard to come by a movie fan, even outside the horror fandom, who is not familiar with the persona of the creepy “Ghostface” maniac dressed as Grim Reaper holding tightly a knife. The epic, blood-curdling scenes where the horror-inspired psychopath, who has now become an iconic horror character himself, is chasing frightened college-age boys and girls, make up the grandeur of “Scream” — a cult film that, on the one hand, effuses fierce terror, but on the other hand, radiates the unique charm of the late 90s!

“Cruel Intentions,” 1999 

Surprising. Cozy. Casual. Focusing on elegant seduction, teenage malice, and, of course, love, the film seems to present its immoralities and repulsive characters in a somewhat entertaining way only until the sensational ending, where the evil gets exposed and the viewer gets struck with The Verve’s mind-blowing “Bittersweet Symphony”, which is the film’s focal soundtrack! A heart-warming parable about the carefree lives of rich and mean college kids who are paid back the full price at the end.

“The Oxford Murders,” 2008

Set in one of the grandest educational institutions ever known, Oxford, this mystery film plunges us into a perplexing and spell-binding series of atrocious crimes that the young math student, portrayed by Elijah Wood, and other fearless city inhabitants try to unravel. Using his extraordinary mathematical skills, Wood’s character, along with his ingenuine professor, proceeds to untangle the schemes and patterns of the murders.

“She’s the Man,” 2006 

As another laid-back and chirpy teen film on our list, this joyous movie enthralls us with its hilarious and elaborate storyline. What to do if you’re a girl crazy for football and your team gets cut by a sexist college coach? Dress up as a boy and head for reaching your dreams as an unassailable soccer player! “She’s the Man” is a captivating story of an upbeat, tomboy maiden who masquerades as her brother, infiltrates the football team at his college, and chases success at soccer while humorously facing the perils of being a girl disguised as a boy.

“Not Another Teen Movie,” 2001

A masterful parody film that displays a mash-up of the most popular and iconic teenage motion pictures could have never gone unnoticed in the movie industry! This teen yet “not-another-teen” movie assembled the cult college films of the 80s and 90s along with their appealing themes, providing a brilliant pastiche of these teenage flicks. “Not Another Teen Movie” gives you a unique chance to look at the legendary college films through the prism of humor and burlesque.

“Good Will Hunting,” 2001

Having bittersweet Robin Williams in the cast of a college film sounds quite odd, doesn’t it? But this reasoning emerges only because of the rather stereotypical image of teenage cinematography and is debunked when it comes to “Good Will Hunting,” a thought-provoking social drama with Robin as a wise, affectionate psychologist who maneuvers young math prodigy Will Hunting into redefining his approach to personal development, serving as the catalyst for the boy’s success. “Good Will Hunting” is a warm and inspiring tale of friendship and talent, with one boosting another; the film demonstrates the importance of having the right person in your life as a college-age dreamer, who’ll help you realize your potential and settle about your goals.

“The Faculty,” 1998

This outstanding film focuses on a group of random college students put in the face of danger and makes them confront the extraterrestrial entity that ravages the college. Mysterious and intriguing, the story gets tenser and petrifying as the alien force gains control over the campus, leading the brave teens to take extreme measures and unite for one common goal. Despite being a little outdated and weak in terms of its degree of suspense and overall “wow” effect as compared to modern thrillers, “The Faculty” remains one of the brightest representatives of the classic teen horror genre.

“Nerve,” 2016

Neon lights, absorbing speed, and the dangers of being an action-hungry centennial among your cold-hearted contemporaries — this striking college thriller looks like an engrossing, artful video game with undaunted heroes turning to hazardous tricks as they struggle to survive in a high-stake choreography of risks, adrenaline, and savagery.

Yes, the film places us into a novel gaming extravaganza, where the regular teens, in between their college hours, obey the ferocious commands of the viewers who won’t stop impelling them to play. Incorporating breathtaking action scenery and a sharp social message, “Nerve” shakes us up as both a good thriller and refined social drama, where people are forced to border on life and death while the spectators keep exclaiming: “Bread and circuses!”

“The Breakfast Club,” 1985

Filmed in the seemingly liberal yet mainly “reticent” 1980s, when society was only beginning to pay attention to the salient coming-of-age challenges, this drama-comedy movie became a breakthrough in teen filmmaking back at the time. The motion picture insightfully and joyfully peeks into the undulating lives of five students reported for detention, so different and unique in their statuses and thinking, exposing the peculiar problems each of them is going through as teenagers living in the conventional social environment.

Although lacking the characteristic freedom and explicitness of today’s teen movies, “The Breakfast Club” is widely recognized for contributing to the hitherto raw tendency to study adolescents through the psychological perspective in films as well as for being such a lovely, enchanting tale of staying yourself and following your own longings.

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