Nani Awesome Japanese Animation Continually Dominating the World

Nani? Awesome Japanese Animation Continually Dominating the World

Japanese animation has been dominating the world by storm in the past years. It has started with short animated films to full-length movies until the series we have today.

With a lot of animated series that emerged in the late ’90s, the Japanese entertainment industries invested in making such films. The very first Japanese anime ever produced is said to be created in the year 1907 called “Katsudō Shashin” which only comprises only 50 frames. From this historical step of making a simple animation, who would have thought that it will become one of the greatest achievements in the entertainment industry today.

Whether or not you are an anime lover, it is definite that you have seen any Japanese anime at least once in your life. Since anime has now influenced the world, many people are looking for free anime sites where they can watch their favorite Japanese films. The boom of anime series — where people from all parts of the world recognized it, was in the late ’90s. It all started with the all-time favorite anime series listed below:

All-Time Favorite Anime Series (the Late 90s to Early 2000)

Voltes V

First aired in the year 1977, this animated series surely captivated the heart of the people. From its legendary theme song down to its epic storyline, no wonder why until the generation today knows this series.

Slam Dunk

This basketball themed anime became more famous because of the main character named Hanamichi Sakuragi. Started as a manga, it was adapted as an animated series by Toei Animation in the year 1993. It became very successful, to where it received an award from the Japan Basketball Association for being a big influence in the world of basketball in the country.


Who will not know the famous pocket monsters? It started in 1997 and is still running now. Owned and operated by The Pokemon Company, this series is still standing strong and giving the people fresh episodes. Because of its fame, many games have been developed and one of the most famous ones is Pokemon GO.

Dragon Ball

Originally written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama in the year 1984, it came down to history as one of the most famous anime. Started with Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Z until Dragon Ball Super, it is continually giving entertainment to its fans to this day.

Sailor Moon

Just like the others, Sailor Moon is an adaptation of a manga series. Mostly famous with the younger girls because of its aesthetics, an anime revolving around using powers and cute magic effects, no doubt that many people get really into it.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Just like Sailor Moon, this anime series contains powers that captivated the hearts of the viewer. With the 10-year-old character of the main character Sakura, no doubt that these series draw attention towards anime lovers because of her cute yet powerful aura.

These are just a few anime series that garnered a large audience may it be an anime avid fan or not. If there are anime series, there are also animated produced movies that gained attention worldwide. Here are some anime movies that truly paved the way for people who do not really watch anime but ended up doing so.

Top Animated Movies

Weathering With You

This movie was released in the year 2019 with the story concerning an orphan girl who can control the weather. This film received high praise because of its plot and the effects being used in the production.

Your Name

One of the most famous movies including those who are not anime lovers, this film captivated the heart of the people because of the characters’ romantic story. Because of its popularity, the places used in the movies became an instant tourist spot, many people want to experience the places where the scene took place.

Spirited Away

The famous spirit is known in the anime called “No Face” actually came from this film. With its family-oriented theme, it truly got the audience’s attention on how the plot ran throughout the film, together with the roller coaster emotions present, there is no surprise it became a sought-after anime worldwide.

A Silent Voice

Originally, this film is an adaptation of the anime series of the same title. Because of popular demand, Kyoto Animation made a full-length film out of its series. Many applauded both the series and film because of its theme tackling sensitive topics that the youths are experiencing right now, including bullying.


From the rise of these Japanese animation films and series, no wonder that the industry is continually expanding globally and garnering fans even more. If you are still missing out on the anime present in this list, just look for free anime sites where you can watch it and be influenced by this work.

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