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New Year’s Eve Date Ideas for Couples Who Don’t Want All the Fuss

You shouldn’t be wondering what New Year’s Eve will be like when you can also create your moment with the love of your life. There are numerous date ideas that you can try out to enjoy the moment as a couple and create new memories. While there are costly date options, you don’t have to break the bank to have an enjoyable moment with your lover.

There are too many options for you to look into. However, if you aren’t feeling inspired and don’t know how to go about it, here’s a list of inexpensive date ideas for a couple’s date night on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Go out for a night drink.

If you’re going semi-traditional for your New Year’s Eve celebration, then you should try to attend a local concert or show. So dress nicely, and go out together to take a few drinks and dance into the New Year. If you’re not sure of any local concert that you can attend around you, then check out StubHub and other similar apps to find local shows around your location. Look for a small venue within proximity to your house. This will make it easier for both of you to rush home after the event and continue dancing on each other’s bodies.

  1. Spend the night alone at home

People like me would prefer to spend the night with their lovers alone while others go out in groups to enjoy the evening. If you fall in this category of people that would prefer to spend the night in the arms of your partner than on the streets with the crowd, then you could light some candles. This will make the setting even more romantic. You can also mix up cocktails, pop sexy flicks in and enjoy the company of each other cuddling. Also, you can decide to go beyond just kissing and cuddling.

  1. Try a moonlit boat ride.

You can make the night more fun for yourselves by paying to rent a boat which you can both row under the moon. New Year’s Eve means you’re likely to see fireworks in the sky. Don’t forget to go along with your champagne and blankets so you can cuddle along while you play background music. Try as much as possible not to tip the boat over.

  1. Organize a potluck party with your friends

This idea is more effective for couples that are just starting in their relationship. So, organize a small party with yourselves and your best friends. This will help all of you to become acquainted with yourselves, said John O. from essay writer for you and do my assignment.

Prepare the drinks and appetizers by yourselves. These are some of the activities capable of creating a strong partnership between the two of you. In the end, you’ll be creating a friendly get-together for yourselves that will strengthen your bond, allow you to meet close friends and loved ones of the other, and make you both more excited for the future relationship.

  1. Get to the woods

This is something that you both should try out if you’re both lovers of nature. Rent a cabin in the woods and get away on New Year’s Eve. The good thing is that both of you can afford this. Thanks to the large number of websites featuring last-minute deals with discounts for fun vacations. You can check LivingSocial. Groupon, Getaways, Airbnb.

You can use any of these to get yourself a lovely location for a great price so you both can have a beautiful, isolated holiday.

  1. Share New Year’s nostalgia.

Couples dating for a long while tend to forget those little things that brought them together and made them a pair in the first place. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity with New Year’s Eve to reminisce together, especially on past new years that you shared.

This means that you have to plan to go on a memory trip with your partner and visit places where you’ve both been together, spots that have your memories or mean something to you both and your relationship. This will help you both to reminisce and also foster your bond further.

A typical example is going back to the location of your first date and sitting at the same spot. Of course, this will bring back memories. There’ll be much to talk about. Go to different places and sites that are remarkable or memorable to your relationship and create a good time for yourself. This will be a good way for you to end the year together, especially this challenging year.


There are different ways to spend your new year’s eve, but if you’re doing it with your partner, you should do it well without breaking the bank.

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