Newest city attractions in Hamburg to visit in 2022

From being the grand imperial city of the great roman empire to one of the favorite international and domestic tourist destinations, let me introduce Hamburg, an enchanting city from the heart of Germany.

Located on the banks of river Elbe, Hamburg is the third-largest port city in Europe, nestling the rich heritage and ancient architecture from the reigns of the medieval period. After facing several adversaries and calamities, it is still standing tall and retelling the past stories and narrating the new ones.

Here is the list of best tourist attractions for you to explore and discover during your next trip to this second biggest city of berlin. Be sure to book your hotels in advance using one of these top hotel booking sites especially during festivals and events in Hamburg.

  1. Miniatur Wonderland – Famously known as the largest railway model in the world, with 1040 trains covering a 15400-meter track area, it is not your regular toy train park. To avoid long queues, pre-book the tickets online for a hassle-free experience.
  2. Hamburg Art Hall – Being a cultural hub promoting art while showcasing the rich collection of artifacts from ancient to modern and contemporary style, this art gallery is a must-visit for all art lovers.
  3. Michael’s Church – Hamburg is home to several beautiful churches, but the most famous is St.Michel offering a mesmerizing view from its 132-meter high tower.
  4. International Maritime Museum – Being a port city, Hamburg has a rich maritime history waiting for you to unfold at this well-known naval museum.
  5. Alster Lake – The pasasgens in Hamburg known as the walkways to take a stroll and revel in the picturesquely beautiful inner side of the city near Alster lake will take you into a different world. You will be spoilt by choices to dine and wine on its attractive sidewalk.
  6. Wallring Park – The park invites visitors with its lush green open spaces for social gatherings and picnics during the daytime and water-light shows and musical events post sunsets.
  7. Museum Harbor – With its splendid collection of 20 historical vessels restored for the visitors to experience the nostalgia and great maritime history, Museumshafen is a must-visit.
  8. Tiepark Hgenback- This Zoo owes its existence to an old-time animal trader Carl Hagenback with open enclosures instead of cages and houses a variety of wildlife animals.
  9. Chocolate Museum – Tempting the ones with a sweet tooth, Chocoversm offers a unique experience showcasing the chocolate-making process and allows you to learn to make your chocolate bars.
  10. The Museum of Art & Design – Representing the art scene from Germany, Europe, and Asia, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg is known for its exquisite collection of applied arts and other masterpieces from other parts of the world. It also offers guided tours for history lovers, making it on every traveler’s bucket list.

So what are you waiting for? 2022 is in the offing and inviting you to make the most of your travel plans and pamper yourself while exploring new destinations and fulfilling pending resolutions from 2021.

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