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Nutrition and Fitness: An Unbreakable Bond

The world is changing at a high pace, and one of the most rapid and considerable changes is seen in technology. It has affected our lives in a significant way. In this technology-oriented world, necessary activities such as playing outdoors and training sessions are disregarded for video games and spending time online.

The option to order fast and sugary foods online and its quick delivery has resulted in a lack of motivation among people to cook for themselves. As a result, obesity and other health issues are accelerating throughout the world. As per a report, the world population of obese adults and children is expected to grow to around or more than 250 million, which is quite an alarming number.

Thus, it is essential to understand the significance of fitness and nutrition to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Well, talking of fitness and nutrition, I’d like to go back in time and recall my own journey of stepping into the world of fitness and how it changed my perception towards the whole scenario.

So, let’s get back in time for a while and start from where I began my life-changing journey.

It was a sultry summer afternoon of 2014, and I was binge-watching the last season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S while devouring a mac and cheese pizza. I don’t know what stuck in my mind, and in a spur of a moment, I was standing on a weighing scale.

Wondering what happened next? Well, it was heartbreaking to see a significant number on the scale. Yes!! It was 209. I was shocked to know that I weigh 209 pounds. It was such a strong feeling of discomfort that I left for a long walk (without worrying about the temperature outside), and when I came back home, I cried to myself.

But, the best thing about that day was that from then on, I never looked back to those pizzas and burgers.

I took a gym membership and started working out from the very next day. In the first three months, I lost around 55 pounds, and I was happy to see the results of my hard work and dedication. But, after a point of time, I felt stuck and could not see much changes in my body ( which I believed will happen according to the intensity of my workout).

I was worried, so I asked my trainer about the same and he, in turn, asked me about my eating habits. Well, I felt proud to tell him about all the healthy stuff I eat. Yeah!! He caught me there and said to me about everything that was wrong with what I am doing.

That’s when I realized the importance of nutrition. He gave me a deep insight into the world of food and fitness and how the bond between the two is unbreakable.

And that’s what I am going to share with you people here.

So the first thing I got to know was that with a strict workout regime, it is vital to keep a note of what you eat as well. And when it comes to the right and clean eating part, one must pay heed to how and when they eat. Yes!! There is where I was lacking. Though I was eating clean, the way I was consuming good calories was wrong.

I had no idea about how much carbs, fiber, protein, and other essential nutrients I should consume. Some days, I used to order healthy food online, thinking that it does not matter to eat outside food till the time I am eating healthy.

But once I got to know the importance of eating the right food at the right time (along with the calorie count), I explored a few microwave recipes online and started cooking my meals at the ease of my comfort zone.

So here are a few easy to cook microwave recipes which you may go through and cook quickly at your home.

A hot tip: When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, workout plays only a 20 percent role, and 80 percent is always nutrition. So, if you think that doing an intensive exercise will help you reach your goal, then you need to rethink because if you do not feed your body well with enough required and essential nutrients, then you might end up feeling weak and away from your set goals.

So, make sure you strike a proper balance between your fitness goals and nutrition intake.

After I got to know how nutrition and fitness go hand in hand and none can work without the other, I started working towards achieving my set goals of a lean body, and in no time, I could see the results.

Even after achieving my set goal, I never considered putting a halt in my journey of fitness. Because that’s the thing about it, once you get into the process, you never feel like quitting or stopping. It works like a drug, but a drug that works for your good only.

Present Situation

I weigh 130 pounds and like to explore different forms of workout. So far, I have explored strength training, different kinds of cardio, CrossFit training, Tabata workout, and Calisthenics. And on top of that, I learned about various forms of diet, including Ketogenic, Atkins, Raw food diet, and many more.

I keep changing my workout after every forty-five days and prefer following different diets according to the intensity of the exercise and nutritional requirements of my body.

So if you wish to make a change in your fast-paced lifestyle, there is no better time than now. And once you start, make sure you ask your trainer or nutrition expert to provide you with all the essential details about your workout and nutrition regime.

To motivate you: Committing to a consistent workout routine and nutrition plan will only build your body. It will also develop your mind.

So, start now and go a long way!!

Good luck!!

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