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Nutritionists’ Advice On Best Low Calorie Non Alcoholic Beer

Do you love the taste of the beer? Do you wish to switch to nonalcoholic low-calorie beer?

Well if the answer to both the questions is yes then you have stopped by the right place. In this article, we will tell you how a calorie-free beer can do wonders for you!

Non alcoholic low calorie beers come with great flavors and a variety of options. The variety generally goes after the three major divisions, namely, wheat beer, pilsner, or IPA. Whichever option you prefer, they have zero booze in them. Instead of sacrificing booze and taste to remain healthy, we have a better option for you. Go for the beers that you enjoy drinking. The ones that have 100 or fewer calories per serving can be the real game-changers. Please note every low alcohol beer has a minimum of 0.5% alcohol in it. But if you are planning to go with the total nonalcoholic lager then choose the cold turkey booze wisely.

All those who assume that their nonalcoholic beer is free from calories, carbs, and sugar are living in a myth. Nonalcoholic low-calorie beer might have fewer calories than its alcoholic equivalent but they definitely have it. Pure alcohol contains 56 calories per unit. But we talk about nonalcoholic beers, they have lower calories than alcoholic beer but are not completely calorie-free.

Calories In Non – Alcoholic Beer

Now that we know the fact that every non-alcoholic beer is not calorie-free, let us understand the calories and nutrients that non-alcoholic beers have.

First of all, a calorie is defined as the amount of measurement for the energy that a food item or drink contains. Calories give rise to body fat only if the consumption of calories is not burnt off on the same level. If we have to talk about the calories in food and drinks, here are the major four sources they come from.

  • Protein

Protein amounts to four calories per gram.

  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and sugar all together amount to four calories per gram of the intake.

  • Fat

Fat has nine calories per gram of accountability in defining the calorie intake.

  • Alcohol

Lastly, alcohol has seven calories per gram of measurement in the intake of any food item or drink.

When we talk about the best low alcohol beer, please note that beer has negligible fat in it. Therefore the calorie count in it gets measured from the amount of alcohol, protein, and carbohydrates present in it. Now because the non alcoholic calorie free beer has negligible alcohol in it, the calories present also get lowered down. Now, all we have left is carbohydrates and proteins. So depending on the base ingredients of the beer and the process in which it is produced gives us an idea of carbs and proteins. Hence this further tells us about the calories. Therefore if you are really conscious about your health, choose your beer wisely!

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