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Current SP Electricity Tariff Set For a Price Hike for Q2 2021

Current SP Electricity

SP Group, the government-owned electricity distribution company has lost the monopoly over the energy market in 2018. The current SP electricity tariff is still held as a reference for most consumers since SP still holds the majority of the market share. Independent energy distribution suppliers for domestic consumers tend to …

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A Consumer-Driven Electricity Market

Consumer-Driven Electricity Market

The Singapore government has required the efficient transmission and delivery of electricity services to consumers through the national power grid. It is a liberalized energy market and the challenge of providing energy supply rests on the shoulders of electricity retailers in Singapore. These retailers could be the commercial arm of …

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 How To Improve The Energy Efficiency In Your Office

Energy Efficiency In Your Office

There are some costs that you cannot control within your office, such as the rates, the annual running and maintenance costs, and even the rents. However, there are some areas that you can look at improving to ensure that your office is as energy-efficient as possible. Having a space that …

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8 Reasons to Hire an Accounting Agency for Small Businesses

Accounting Agency

Starting a new business is an exciting step for any entrepreneur. However, it comes with its own set of challenges. To save money, you must take on a lot of the tasks involved in running the business. However, some demanding tasks require to be handled by professionals. One such task …

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5 Food Swaps to Make Your Meals Healthier

Meals Healthier

Committing to healthy habits isn’t just trendy: it’s beneficial to your health! Healthy eating can help ward off medical problems like heart disease, strokes, and certain cancers. But healthy living can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Here are some healthy choices to make to swap out …

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How to Manage Medication for Seniors? 5 Safety Tips!

Medication for Seniors

As the term says Medication Management is the process of analyzing the medications prescribed to the person and the outcome as well. This kind of service is generally provided by most online pharmacists such as Medadvisor App. Nowadays many age-old people stay alone at home and do not have anyone …

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