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4 Best Free Photo Editing Tools

Good video editing software helps us showcase our products from every single angle by producing professional promos for platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, or anywhere else you share your brand. There are several easy to use apps and free video editing software that help you stand out from your competition.

For instance, if you are handling a video channel on YouTube or you are uploading videos on Facebook or Instagram, make sure your content should be engaging that attracts the viewers. Not all people are good at making perfect videos, and even those who are good at it, they also need editors to remove extra or distracting objects. For this, we have prepared a list of 4 best free photo editing software that will assist you in creating videos that will catch the attention of viewers.

Top 4 Free Photo Editing Software

There are a lot more mobile and desktop-based editing software and apps available to create promotional photos and videos. There are many advantages of using the best free photo editing software, but if you are dealing with one that is for desktops, then it will have more features than other mobile video editing apps. So if you are looking for the editing software to edit your promotional videos and photos, check the following list of video editing software.

1.      OpenShot

OpenShot video editor is easy to use and a perfect tool for beginners to edit your videos. Unlike the many other complex editing software OpenShot is an interference-free and an effective option for small businesses. This software is best for trimming, rotation, scaling, and clip resizing. It also offers frame stepping, audio editing, credit scrolling, real-time preview, and time mapping.

2.      HitFilm Express

If you are a beginner and don’t have any experience with video editing, HitFilm Express may be a little advanced for you as it is used to make Hollywood-style films. But learning new things is always worth it for all of us.

This software includes animation tools that let you edit or make any audio and video transitions that do not need to create composite shots, and this time saver when you are dealing with editing. HitFilm Express’s features’ include unlimited audio and video timeline track, audio mixer, which gives you several transition options such as dissolve, zoom, and push.

3.      Movie Maker 10

Movie Maker 10 is a convenient video editing software for desktop. It assists people in making quick edits. One can easily use this tool to make their videos perfect, as it helps you in removing all the distracting items or images from videos. The best thing about this feature is it comes with a free version that includes pictures and photo editing tools, and one can even add captions with customizable colors and fonts.

4.      Shortcut

Shortcut video editing software is a cross-platform video editor, open-source with a huge collection of video tutorials. This tool also supports countless formats, including 4k, FFmpeg, DNxHD, ProRes.

The shortcut also provides users with extensive audio editing options. The fine-tuning audio tool of this software allows users to create bandpass filters, add compression, treble adjustments and make base, and much more.

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