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Planning for Your Dream Wedding: Here’s What You Need to Know

Your wedding is the most memorable experience of your life, which is why you’d want it to be perfect. From the wedding cake to your outfit, all eyes will be set upon you and your D-day arrangements.

If you have less experience in planning or attending popular wedding speech, you should know a few things before you start planning yours. Here are some aspects you should consider when planning for your big day.

1.  Prioritize Your Guest List

Make a list of all the people you wish to invite to your wedding and assign a role to each one of them. This will help you organize the tasks and give you a clearer picture of the wedding setting. For example, by preparing a guest list, you can calculate the approximate size of the venue and the amount of food you need to order. Once you prepare your guest list, you can start informing your bridesmaids or best man and start making necessary preparations.

2.  Consider Wedding Day Blackouts

Do not rush when setting a wedding date; check the day, date, weather conditions, and whether or not any other event falls on the same day. If it does, you will likely have fewer guests attending your wedding. Be flexible and have a few dates in mind. Events like conferences and concerts can impact the availability of hotel rooms and cause traffic jams, thereby delaying your wedding. Set a free date for your guests to arrive on time. If, for some reason, your wedding date does clash with some event, be quick on your feet and reserve a few rooms for your guests beforehand.

3.  Stay Within Your Budget Limit

Unless you are extremely careful and abide by the financial plan with scrutiny, your budget will exceed, which is why you have to be prepared. Introduce some flexibility and have some ‘reserve’ amount on the side to prepare for emergencies. If you wish to plan a grand wedding but do not have the money to execute it, you can pay for your big day in monthly installments by taking a loan from wedding lenders. They provide loans at a low-interest rate, which is based on your credit score. You can also find numerous tips to save money when planning your wedding.

4.  Organization is Key

When it comes to planning weddings, organization is key. From the food menu to the types of flowers, you must make a list of all the things you wish to integrate and accommodate in your wedding. Your list should also include a realistic timeline across each item or task. Give yourself enough time and room to keep things in order and fulfill each task. If needed, you can download a ready-made wedding checklist from the internet or buy a wedding book. Making a list will also help you see things clearly and prioritize your needs. Moreover, you will know what you are missing, thereby avoiding last-minute planning.

5.  Research Before you Book Your Venue

Unless you have a specific venue in mind for a while, you should research and look into a few options before booking a venue. Hasty decisions can lead to regrets, and since wedding venues cost a lot, think rationally before booking a spot. Consider aspects such as indoor/outdoor, the accessibility, facilities in the locality, and the size to accommodate your guests (around 25 to 30 feet per guest is ideal). The venue should also be able to accommodate the dance floor, the waiters, band, and the tables. If you are planning your wedding in a hotel, check whether they have additional rooms to accommodate your guests.

6.  Compare Prices of Professional Vendors

From florists to caterers, you must take multiple quotes from wedding vendors before making a final decision. While some vendors may charge more but provide the exact fit-outs based on your needs, others will be the cheapest in town but fail to meet your expectations. So, check reviews and compare the quotes before arriving at a final decision.

7.  Pay Attention to Your Ensemble

Your wedding outfit, makeup, and hair will determine your overall look on your grand day. Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day, which is why you should start planning your ensemble a few months ago.

Picking a wedding dress and getting multiple fittings can take a lot of time, which is why you should start hunting for an outfit at least 3 months beforehand. Apart from your wedding dress, your jewelry, handbag, veil, and shoes need to be picked out too. To get your makeup and hair done, contact a few artists before you make a final appointment with one.

8.  Taste the Food

The last thing you want is to serve distasteful food to your guests. Pay attention to the food menu and take your guests’ preference into consideration. Take suggestions from your caterer to include new and exotic dishes. More importantly, request a tasting before finalizing the menu. The same goes for your wedding cake. Since the cake is the focal point of any wedding, you should pick one based on your taste and the wedding theme. Bakers pay special attention to the wedding cake and can tailor it according to your taste and customization needs. Be specific and convey your expectations in detail.

9.  Organize a Rehearsal Dinner

If you feel pangs of nervousness and aren’t sure about the tiniest details, organize a rehearsal dinner to make sure that everything is in place. Even though your in-laws are responsible for hosting a rehearsal dinner according to traditions, you can organize a rehearsal for your satisfaction. Inform the people who are supposed to attend the rehearsal and mention details about the time and location. At the same time, inform the caterers and other people involved with logistics. Prepare your speech and narrate it exactly the way you want to do it at your wedding.

Feeling overwhelmed before the wedding is normal; there are thousands of things to do and organize. If you can spare a part of your budget, hire a wedding planner to keep things organized and avoid making last-minute arrangements. As your wedding day arrives, focus on getting ready instead of worrying about the flower arrangements or the guest list. Assign the tasks beforehand or cross-check with your wedding planner to keep things in check. Remember, it is your day; simply enjoy it!

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