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Planning to renovate your kitchen – here is all you need to get started

If you can’t stand your outdated, old kitchen anymore and are on the lookout for ways to renovate it, trust us, you’re not alone. Every year, around 10 million US-based homeowners renovate or remodel their kitchens in one way or another. That said, the kitchen renovation journey is full of bumps and obstacles, and homeowners everywhere should never take it lightly.

You can’t get around some things – a significant kitchen renovation requires a considerable amount of patience, time, money, and effort.

For most modern families, their kitchen is a place where all activity centers. It is a place where they prepare meals, hang out with friends and family during meals, and share memories. That said, a kitchen renovation can range from simple cosmetic changes like a fresh coat of paint to a complete teardown job. So, a custom-designed and up-to-date kitchen with the help of a kitchen renovations sydney will be a joy to use and will increase your quality of life too.

To aid you, we will share some tips on how to plan your next kitchen renovation project.

Salvage old kitchen items. 

 Before you think about tearing your current kitchen apart, you must know that some items are salvageable. For example, while your cupboard doors might be in bad shape, there might be a chance they might be reusable. It is especially the case if you’re renovating your kitchen on a tight budget.

But if there’s extra stuff you don’t need at the moment, where do you store it? Finding extra space is challenging, especially if you’re looking for a spot that doesn’t ruin your stuff. It’s even more difficult if you’re in the South Central region, where renovation can take ages.

Search for the term self storage in Yukon, OK on Google, and that’s it. You have loads of storage units waiting to be used. Store your stuff safely and get to it when you want or when you’re done with the renovation.

You can also examine other items such as your sink, stoves, appliances, countertops, shelves, taps to see if you can reuse them to save money.

With that in mind, you’ll need a temporary space to store these items till you reinstall them. Enter a self-storage unit! It will provide you with safe and secure storage space to keep your belongings and kitchen items until you need them.

Decluttering has its perks.

Set realistic goals.

After you finish salvaging reusable kitchen items, the next thing is to create a goal for your kitchen renovation project. Then, ask yourself why you need to renovate your kitchen in the first place. Is the kitchen floor creaking? Are your cabinets old and drab? Do you have to buy new appliances because your old ones aren’t working anymore?

That said, if you’re looking for a complete makeover, it might be better to decide your priorities and what updates to make first. Knowing the answers to such questions will allow you to set realistic goals. Not to mention, setting goals also means you’ll have to create a budget for your kitchen renovation project.

Create a kitchen renovation budget. 

Creating a kitchen renovation budget and sticking to it is the best possible thing to do during your kitchen remodel. However, it is easier said than done. Three factors will decide how you budget your kitchen renovation project. The first is how much money you can spend on your renovation project. You’ll have to look at your finances to determine this number.

The second is determining the amount of time you want to stay in your home. For example, if you’re solely looking to renovate your kitchen for the sake of increasing your home’s market value, only spend the amount of money you can recover when you sell your house.

On the other hand, if you plan to live in one place longer than five years, you can renovate your kitchen as much as you like, but always follow the first aspect- spending what you can afford.

The third aspect is allocating a specific amount of money to every particular kitchen upgrade. For example, you can set 20 percent of your overall budget for labor costs, 20 percent for appliances, 5 percent for light fixtures, 35 percent for cabinets, and so on.

Moreover, you must also set aside some emergency cash for unforeseen circumstances. A renovation project of any kind will have its hiccups and obstacles along the way, so always be willing to spend at least 20 percent more of your entire budget on such surprises.

Apply for building and renovation permits. 

You’ll need to obtain building or renovation permits if you want to make any structural, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing alterations inside your house, be it your kitchen or living room. If you’ve hired a contractor or project manager, they will take care of any permits required to perform a renovation job inside your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you haven’t, you’ll have to visit the respective authorities to obtains them. That said, you’ll have to apply for such permits as early as possible because the entire process can sometimes take weeks or even months.

Hire a kitchen designer and a contractor. 

Hiring a kitchen designer will allow you to turn your idea of a dream kitchen into a reality. When you discuss your needs, wants, and renovation budget, the kitchen designer, will develop and mockup, which you can later revise until you’re satisfied. They’ll also take measurements of your kitchen area and suggest kitchen design ideas that’ll be the best for your space.

Furthermore, you also have to hire a contractor to ensure the renovation goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking to hire a general contractor, do some prior research and interview multiple ones. Moreover, start searching for contractors as early as possible as qualified contractors are often unavailable on an emergency basis.

Therefore, you’ll have to start your search at least two to three months before starting your kitchen renovation project.

Finalize everything.

When planning your kitchen renovation, the last thing to do is finalize your designs, kitchen-related- appliances and items, deadline, and contracts. Then, you or your contractor must allocate responsibilities to your renovation team. Also, set an expected renovation project completion date to ensure there isn’t any miscommunication or delays.


Remember that the days of an expensive kitchen renovation are behind us. There are tons of ways to work with what you have and still save some money, such as painting your cabinets instead of replacing them or changing floor tiles or appliances instead of a complete remodel.

In the end, minor updates done in the right places will leave a significant impact on your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and your home’s overall market value.

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