Polished concrete

Polished Concrete v/s All the Other Types of Floorings!

Do you know what the toughest task of designing a home is? It is selecting the best materials to be used for various areas in the house from the dizzying options available in the market. Even choosing the right kind of flooring remains a difficult task from the multiple variants available for the same – like — hardwood, tiles, concrete, etc. Each of the floors is excellent in their own way. But you obviously are looking for an all rounder material for your home. And we suggest – opt for polished concrete to adorn your home.

Ø  What makes polished concrete better than other types of floors?

Polished concrete floors in Melbourne by GrindWorks are basically concrete floors which are polished to perfection giving them a fabulous look and a tough covering. They do this job impressively well and the end results are truly enticing. But you are obviously confused after a market survey. The tiles look enchanting, woods are classy, and granite is solid! But well, we say polished concrete is even better. Want to know how? Read on!

o   The charming aesthetics— If you are hesitating to select concrete just because you think that these are limited in choices and colours, then rest assured! Modern technology has brought about a huge development in concrete, and you will find millions of designs and colours flooding the market. The shine and beauty that you get after polishing them often surpasses the glamour of the decorative tiles and sophisticated wood.

o   These are durable — Concrete is super tough. And if you have polished the surface, then the life of it gets multiplied to almost double. This means that you don’t have to spend a huge sum again after a few years to change your floor or even maintain it (which is an issue when you use wood or any other flooring variety). All the other floors are vulnerable to high traffic and damages and therefore demand timely services or a total replacement after a decade or so.

o   Polished concrete doesn’t require much maintenance— If it’s wood, you’ll require timely sanding and staining on it. If it’s the tiles, cleaning the same is pretty difficult. And the same goes with stains on marbles and stones. But polished concrete in the first place doesn’t get stains because of its smooth and glossy finish. And secondly, even if it requires cleaning, just a light mop and sweep of broom finish off the task easily and neatly.

o   Polished concrete is absolutely affordable— Normally, when flooring has so many amazing qualities like durability, great looks, low maintenance and a tough life, it’s natural that it would cost you a large amount. But polished concrete on the contrary doesn’t require so much investment. Not just the material is quite affordable, but even the labor that goes in its instalment is pretty pocket friendly.

These pointers emphasise on the point that polished concrete is anytime a better choice than any of your other flooring variants. So, go for polished concrete. It’s totally worth your investment!

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