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Pool Maintenance – 4 Things You Should Do At Least Once A Year

Swimming pool construction is booming. With mobility restricted during the pandemic, most people turned inwards and improved their own homes. They might not be able to go on vacations like they used to, but a private pool can make every day feel like a holiday. It is certainly a lot of fun to swim whenever you want with family and friends. However, many quickly realize that pool ownership can be a challenge. Regular pool maintenance is necessary to keep the water clean and fresh. If you are concerned about health, hygiene, and visual appeal, then make it a habit.

Most routine maintenance tasks are easy enough for homeowners to do by themselves. For instance, they should scoop out dry leaves, twigs, and other debris floating on the water as soon as they see these. They should also add chlorine to disinfect the water according to the frequency indicated by the product label. Remove any hazards around the pool to prevent trips and other accidents. Advanced tasks are more difficult, but they only need to be performed once a year for world-class pool maintenance. Let’s discuss some of them below.

1. Clean the surfaces.

A new pool will have glimmering spotless surfaces. Over time, however, dirt and bacteria will slowly build up on the surfaces. These can make the pool smell bad and look unsightly. These could even place the health of the swimmers in peril. At least once a year, owners should make it a point to perform deep cleaning of all pool surfaces. Empty the pool to get access to the bottom and the full length of the walls. Scrub the whole area using special cleaning solutions to remove the pathogens and stubborn dirt. There are machines that can help make these easier. Clean the slides as well, if there are any.

Of course, owners can simply pick up the phone and dial the number of their local pool experts like pool maintenance tucson. These professionals have the equipment and experience to clean everything quickly and effectively. They know exactly what to do when they encounter various issues that would stump untrained individuals. As they comb the surfaces, they can also implement remedies for visible cracks and gaps. Homeowners can learn a lot from these pros such as the best cleaning tools and techniques. By taking their advice, owners can reduce dirt build-up and make the pool more inviting the whole year round.

2. Disassemble the filter.

Water will need to pass through the filter in order to remove dirt and debris. In this manner, the pool is constantly cleaning itself in the background. However, the filter takes a huge hit. Homeowners should check on this every month or so to make sure that there are no clogs. Visible debris can be removed from time to time. Once a year, they should disassemble the whole thing to access all the internal components. This makes it easier to clean everything thoroughly. Refer to the manufacturer guidelines for step-by-step instructions.

Some filters require replacements for their cartridge elements every 12 to 18 months. Adhere to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule as much as possible. However, you could get replacements sooner if the dirt is already affecting the flow rate of water. With professional pool maintenance service, you will not have to worry about this since the experts will check the filters for you and perform the necessary actions afterwards. They are likely to spot emerging issues that would escape the untrained eye. This helps prevent major problems from occurring in the future while improving pool performance today.

3. Tune up the pump.

If you have a pool, one of the things that you need to take care of is the surplus water that comes outside. Not only can it end up causing a lot of problems in terms of making people slip, but over a period, this can lead to major problems for the pool itself. If you are investing in a new swimming pool, make sure that you are not compromising on pool grates. This will help the excess water to drain efficiently, along with ensuring that the overall aesthetics of the pool is maintained.

Stagnant water will quickly see the growth of bacteria and algae. It will also attract insects and other animals that are looking for a place to breed. The water in swimming pools will need to circulate to prevent these, and that’s why all pools have a pump to make this happen. This is the heart of the whole system so take good care of it. Tune up the pump at least once a year to extend its service life and prevent breakdowns. Often, a deep clean and a strategic placement of lubricants are all it takes to keep it going. Professionals may perform additional tasks according to the situation.

4. Inspect the plumbing.

Lastly, it is a good idea to inspect the part of the plumbing system that leads to the pool. Make sure that everything is working flawlessly. If there are leaks along the pipes, then seal the affected sections or replace them right away. If water pressure is too low, then ask the pros for possible solutions. It would also be prudent to test the water for the levels of minerals such as calcium. Keep the hardness in a manageable range between 200 to 400 PPM for best results. For saltwater pools, testing the salt level is essential.

Final Words

World-class pool maintenance is easy if you follow the recommended schedule. Stay on top of the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. Most of these should be easy to perform even for novices. However, it would be prudent to ask for help from professional pool cleaners at least once a year for advanced tasks.

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