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Popular Gym Equipment You Should Consider Buying

Working out at home has never been exciting, thanks to the power of technology that gives you everything you need to get a professional personal training session straight from your living room. With live and interactive video classes, immersive experience, and built-in cameras, a new set of smart gym equipment is helping to emulate the gym environment at home.  If you’ve decided that smart workout equipment will help you with your achieve your fitness goals, it’s the perfect time to think which one is worth buying in. Here is the popular gym equipment you should consider buying.

Smart Mirror

At first look, you’ll see it as a normal mirror, but it is more than that. See closer, and you will see an LCD Screen that lets you watch live and on-demand fitness videos and let you check your form at the same time. The mirror offers different classes including, yoga, cardio, and strength, that come with different lengths and levels. It also comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and six fitness bands to level up the experience. You may also check Tonal if you are looking for a more expensive look. The difference between Tonal vs Mirror is the subscription fee. It is far less expensive in Mirror than Tonal, but other than that, these two are pretty the same. They are both expensive in price tag, but the Mirror is still the most cost-effective option among other brands according to gym experts who recommend trying smart mirror trainer.

Exercise Bike

If you want to have a full-featured exercise bike go and check Peleton. Peloton is a spin bike designed to imitate what you can see when riding on the road. This indoor bike has an adjustable handlebar and seat that comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen display to make it more realistic. You may also use the monitor to join in live classes from home. However, this bike is in the pricier tag ranging up to two thousand bucks. If you are looking for a less expensive exercise bike, you may want to check out Echelon Connect Ex. It starts at $800 and offers a similar experience with a Peleton Bike. It doesn’t come with a display, but it has a built-in tablet holder.

Smart Boxing Gear

If you want to unleash the Manny Pacquiao in you but have no idea how to box, FightCamp’s smart boxing gear is the one for you. It has sensors that you may place in the boxing wraps that can tell you how hard you are hitting and how many punches you’ve thrown. The tracker also calculates the number of each workout you have made and determines the speed and technique you have demonstrated. It has a price tag of around $400 together with the sensor and wraps, and the full package includes the gloves, exercise mat, and bag will cost you $1,219.

Smart Treadmill

One of the best smart treadmills you can have in your home is the Peleton Tread. It cost $4295 and has a monthly subscription of $39 per month to access live and on-demand Tread classes. This machine features a 32-inch touchscreen display to make the most out of the experience, and you can easily follow whatever classes you choose. The Tread can also show you your stats, including calories burned, and you can access your profile setting anytime.

Free Weight Machine

Similar to having a smart mirror, this home gym equipment is meant to be a staple in your home. Tempo home gym is perfect for those who like to carry weights. Compete with a 42-inch touchscreen display and storage for 16 plates, 7.5-pound dumbbells, and a 25-pound barbell. This machine has a heart rate monitor, a mat, and a foam roller. What’s good about this is that it uses 3D mapping and AI to give tips on your posture in real-time.

These are some of the best smart home gym equipment you can purchase and enjoy. Remember that these machines are here to help you keep fit and healthy in the comfort of your own home. Once everything is okay, and lockdowns are lifted, catching some fresh air is also a good idea.

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