Predicting Appointment Misses With the Help of Data

Predicting Appointment Misses With the Help of Data

Patients who need to consult or meet with a doctor need to book an appointment beforehand. The contact center staff and personnel at the hospital or health care centers deals with the booking, re-scheduling/changing, and cancellation of appointments. These staff need to contact a lot of patients in a day because when there are upcoming appointments, appointment reminders are made to remind and notify patients. This is needed so that they can confirm or inform the contact center for any rescheduling or cancellations.

Appointment reminders for clients are important to avoid appointment misses or last minute cancellations. No-shows are caused by losing track of the things you have to do. Naturally as people get older, it is harder to remember things. In fact, studies show that an average adult forgets 3 things a day. Keeping track of all appointments can be a hard job for the staff and personnel. A little help from using appointment reminders apps could be life changer. It can also make their work more efficient. It is also very evident that most patients prefer being reminded through text messages or email. Some people might feel bugged by phone calls but generally, there are just too many advantages by notifying through text messaging than calling. You can go back to messages when you miss or forget some details as opposed to calling. Another disadvantage of calling is that it is really easy for people to miss calls. Constant follow up prohibits productivity in a way. Letting patients respond on the time that is best for them also promotes good customer service.

Here are the best reminder apps that can greatly help your business:


1. SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is an impressively customizable, web-based scheduling and text reminder app. SuperSaaS customizability allows you to tailor things that will suit your business the best.

2. Booxi

Booxi offers appointment management, SMS reminders, and an all-in-one customer management solution. It also has additional features such as online payment options, manage multiple locations, send email and SMS reminders, and even prompt customers to complete surveys.

3. 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

Just like other appointment apps, 10to8 has a calendar feature and it provides you with a platform where you can book appointments. Cancellation and rescheduling can also be done through the app. It’s selling point is it’s chat function. This allows patients or clients to communicate with you if there are any problems or questions. Definitely will help boost customer service.

4. Apptot

Apptoto mainly has the same features with the majority of the appointment apps but believe it or not its simplicity is what makes it great. The fact that it is simple to use is enough for some people.

5. offers a mind-blowing 50 custom features. This powerhouse is most suitable for the complex business needs of busy service, public service, and educational organizations. can handle appointment booking, accept payments, and has a robust API to customize integration with websites.

6. Schedulista

You can manage clients, bookings, and appointment reminders for service providers with Schedulista. It is truly a versatile app that can cater many business needs.

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