Productivity Tips for Remote Studying
Productivity Tips for Remote Studying

Productivity Tips for Remote Studying

Productivity Apps for Remote Studying. With the Covid 19 pandemic spreading over the world very fast, schools and universities had to close their doors, and students had to quickly find ways to adjust to this new trend of home schooling. It’s true that things become more complicated when you’re studying from home: the fact that you can no longer see your professors and mates in real could decrease some students’ motivation, and when you are studying from home, the distractions are much more than when you are at school, which could sometimes make it harder to meet your targets and get your to-dos done.

This makes it very important to find ways to boost one’s motivation and keep being organized despite the distractions.

Tips and tricks to keep being productive even though you’re studying from home 1. Keeping a daily list of to-dos

One way I find very effective to get my tasks done on time, is writing them down on a piece of paper. Every evening or every morning, I would write the list of tasks I would like to get done within that day, and this makes it easier to evaluate whether I managed to meet my daily targets or not at the end of the day.

I used to keep a notepad dedicated to this daily routine, and this proved to be a really good way of getting things done. At the end of the day, what I did was adding a sticky note to the tasks page on my notepad, describing what I feel about the day, whether I am glad with my achievements or rather disappointed I didn’t manage to clear all my daily tasks.

Tips and tricks to keep being productive e

2. Stickers to boost my motivation

When I was at school, there was one University that I really wanted to study at. What I did is I printed out some custom stickers with the logo of this University, and I put them on my books.

my notepads and my laptop. Whenever I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work I had, looking at these stickers was the best reminder of what I am studying for, and of what my goal is, and this would act as a booster to give me the force to keep working hard and achieve my goal.

Stickers to boost my motivation

3. Organizing my notes

When we’re studying from home, we usually print out lessons, especially for people who are not really fans of studying a course on a PDF file, and we usually have a lot of notes we take during the lessons that are written on paper. With such an amount of notes, things could quickly become messy. What I did was buy a bunch of personalized corporate folders, and I used one for each subject/course. Then it becomes easy to find all the notes/printouts of a given course when I need to.

Organizing my notes

I hope these tips would be of use to help you better organize your time and keep being focused while studying from home.


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