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Projects of Pyramids Real Estate in The New Capital Of Egypt

Pyramids Real Estate Development is one of the most important real estate development companies in Egypt, which succeed in putting itself in a distinguished position in the Egyptian real estate market; Because of its unique and distinctive style, and its commitment to quality, mastery and professionalism in the construction and development of large residential and real estate projects., the company has several different headquarters in Cairo, like Nasr City and most other districts.

According to The company was established in 2000 in France and has achieved overwhelming success in the field of real estate development as well as import and export. Pyramids is considered one of the most important and largest exporters of fruits and vegetables to France as well..

It has also implemented many works inside France, where it has implemented some structural modifications in the Louvre Museum, as well as modifying facilities in the French Parliament, and the establishment and implementation of the Holiday Museum in France.

After the successive successes that were implemented inside France, it crossed to enter Egypt and evaluate successes worthy of raising its name on the real estate pyramid, to implement a lot of  important real estate


Pyramids projects in the new administrative capital in Egypt:

Pyramids Business Tower

Pyramids Business Tower located in the largest commercial location in the Downtown area, with payment systems up to 10 years, with an investment return of up to 16% .

La Capitale New Capital Mall project

One of the most famous Pyramids Real Estate’s projects in the New Administrative Capital, this mall is located in the Administrative Capital on an area of 7800 square meters near the R7 area.

The location of the mall is in the financial and business district, opposite to the Presidential Palace and the Council of Ministers, and next to the parliament.

In addition to the mall being five minutes away from the British University and the Green River, as well as Expo City, it is only 10 minutes away from the Diplomatic Quarter.

Grand Square Mall

This mall is one of the most famous malls in the new administrative capital, it is located in the middle of the new administrative business and financial district, the land area on which the mall  being built on  is about  7800 square meters.

It is considered the second most powerful project established by Pyramids, as it is the first medical administrative mall located in the new administrative capital; it is close to recreational and governmental participations, especially schools and universities.

Its investments amount to 750 million pounds.

 The Champs Elysees Mall in the new administrative capital

This  distinctive construction in the  new capital located directly in front of the Council of Ministers Street and at a distance of 75 meters.

The density of buildings around this project exceeds 81%, which is distinctive and required for the commercial mall to achieve the desired success.

A good point to mention is that The area of the shops in this mall starts from 20 meters up to 200 meters, which suit different kinds of shops and brands…

, All ministries surround this mall as well.

La Capitale New Administrative Capital Compound

This compound is located in the heart of the new administrative capital, It is characterized by the distinguished real estate artistic design. .

The compound also contains swimming pools of different sizes and shapes,  plus gym , and  spas

In addition to a commercial mall with a wide range of distinctive restaurants and cafes, beside, pharmacies inside the compound, artificial lakes with a unique design , and large  Wide green spaces with entertainment clubs.

Paris Mall

Paris Mall is one of the company’s largest projects as it is located in MU 23 and the mall is located between the second and third residential areas. The Paris Mall project is built on an area of 3 acres, equivalent to 14,100 square meters. The mall is divided into commercial and administrative.

The most important Pyramids Real Estate Development projects in France:

Louvre Museum

One of the museums that Pyramids worked on developing its professional design, and therefore it appears in artistic archaeological form that all people would love to visit and see , and that’s why the French government recognized an increase in the number of tourists or visitors to it.

Developing the European Parliament

The  Development and Organization of the European Parliament that was planned and implemented by Pyramids , left a very artistic and aesthetic touches of construction excellence, everyone who looks at the European Parliament discovers that it reflects  professional constructions, , that’s why, it is considered as  one of  the best buildings in the world in terms of excellence and development.

Holiday Hotel:

The company has worked on developing it with unique international designs. The hotel is also characterized by the wonderful landscapes, rooms, as every inch and corner of it are  organized and designed astonishingly. Therefore, it is one of the most relaxing and comfortable hotels in the world.

iBIS Hotel in France

It’s one of the most famous hotels in France. It is famous for its extreme excellence in designing and planning its buildings and rooms. It was also designed with the utmost professionalism, which made it one of the most distinguished hotels in France.

The activities and art of Pyramids are not limited to real estate development in France only, but also includes the development and establishment of projects in Egypt, as it is one of the most important companies supporting real estate development in projects affiliated with the Egyptian Armed Forces, and that’s why, it  it managed to establish many projects , as it offers amazing housing units and complexes with distinguished contracting and construction.

The company started its business inside Egypt in 2013, with a branch in October 6 and moved the branch to Makram Ebeid Nasr City in 2018. since that time, and the company has many outstanding projects which  proved that it is best company in Egypt.


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