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Top Sites Like Putlocker to Steam HD Movies and Shows

Putlocker: Everything You Need to Know

It is a free online media streaming website where you don’t need to pay to watch any media content. The original Putlocker website were taken down years ago, but there are several other sites like Putlocker which give access to stream movies and TV series without any paid subscription. This may sound great to you but it is still illegal to use these sites similar to Putlocker as before because it’s a crime to use any copyrighted content which you don’t own. Founders of these websites does not own the right to distribute this copyrighted content which makes it a punishable offense in many countries.123movies, PopcornFlix, and Primewire are some very popular examples of sites which are similar to the original Putlocker website. These domains are run by unknown people, making the site untrustworthy and illegal. Some of these sites are run by hackers who put a trap to steal money and their personal information. On the other hand Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hotstar are available as good alternatives but these are paid.

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Why Putlocker is Not Accessible These Days?

Putlocker come into existence in 2011 in UK and become so popular that its had millions of visitors daily, but later on in May 2016 Uk high court shut down this website for protection of copyright issues. Potluck website first run under the URL name putlock.com which was changed after being reported by MPA or Motion Pictures Association, but copies of this Putlocker site remain discreetly active with different extensions like .is, .vip, .bz, .io, .com, .today, etc. which was also blocked later on. Putlocker was ranked in the first 250 most visited sites worldwide, meanwhile multiple Putlocker websites was working and changing their Urls simultaneously which make it quite hard to stop piracy until being seized by government in Uk. but still have many other domain which provide the platform to download and stream copyrighted content which is totally illegal to use. These websites provide you the same paid content for free and easily available at the very same space which encourages piracy.

Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives in 2024

When you don’t have these fancy and expensive sources to bindgewatch your favorite show and movies, these Putlocker sites alternatives come to rescue your way out which are available nowadays for faster and a smooth experience. Some Putlocker mirror sites can be a real danger to your privacy and money, mostly they are there to steal your personal data which makes it a risk. So, here are some sites that are better in terms of quality, speed, and yes in terms of privacy concerns. You can use a VPN which helps you to hide your activity, credentials from different cyber attacks.

  1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a great platform to stream popular movies and series without any threat to your privacy. Sites likes these are a good option for a safer streaming session. Amazon Prime available with paid subscription only but still you can find cheaper deals for yourself.

  1. 123Movies

This is exactly a similar alternative to Putlocker, where you can watch the latest movies and shows in HD quality for free. It has similar different copies of this site where you can find good quality content 24X7 and that made it so popular in a very short period. They have animated series too. This site is not affiliated to any third party and makes your binge watching experience more interesting with fewer ads.

  1. Megashare

Megashare is a site like Putlocker which lets you watch free movies and latest shows. It works exactly like Putlocker.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is a subscribed network in America which is just launched after Netflix and very popular there. It has an extensive library of its original content. Walt Disney owns most of its rights.

  1. YesMovies

This is the best Putlocker alternative to search your favorite movies and series for free without any charges in no time.

  1. Popcornflix

Everyone knows about Popcornflix. It’s a quite famous website which gives you best entertainment with the latest content. This Putlocker site works best with your mobile. This has lots of classic movies, but you can’t watch any TV shows over here.

  1. Vudu

Vudu is owned by Fandango media. It is a kind of online video streaming store to rent or purchase movies and series online. It has a special feature where you can select different dialogues and scenes to watch from different videos.

  1. Niter

There are thousands of sites to watch movies and series for free but some has very good interface. They give access to their big library to choose from and Niter is one of them without any kind of subscription and ads.

  1. Vumoo

Vumoo was a movie site for free content but with thousands of ads which make it irritating to watch sometimes. Its original site was banned but it has lots of alternatives to search from.

  1. Solormovies 

This is also a site like Putlocker which gives access to free movies and series .There is a wide range of movies and series to watch even if most of people don’t know about this hidden gem. This is the place where you can watch both your movies and TV dramas at one place from different genres and countries.

There are thousands of sites like Putlocker which are still available to provide the copyrighted content for free. These Putlocker can give you an awesome platform without any subscription but these can be a big threat to your personal data. Nowadays people are using different VPN to hide their identity while streaming Putlocker to hide their activity. You can take some measure while accessing these Putlocker sites to stay safe like using different VPNs and always watch through some better Putlocker sites with fewer ads.

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