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Reasons to keep your ge domain registration & hosting needs under the same roof

Name one thing that has become a mandate for every business in the digital landscape- the answer would be a website. Undoubtedly, websites were in their infancy a few years back. However, now, they have become one of the most crucial core pillars of every online enterprise. Previously, while many businesses, and personal site owners, avoided retaining their dedicated server and .ge domain registration and hosting under the same provider, now the scenarios are quite different.

Mostly, organizations select a separate hosting and domain name provider to bid monopoly of the service provider over the company or someone’s online visibility. However, there are other advantages of choosing the same provider for domain registration and hosting.

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But first, let’s start with what is a domain name registrar?

A domain name registrar is typically a business that manages the assignment of IP addresses and the reservation of the domain names. The domain registration service provider helps you reserve the internet domain name, as accredited by a ccTLD or gTLD, and among hundreds of domain extensions, you can find efficient and relevant domains that can bring you better site traffic as well as business.

Significance of registering a domain name

Domain names are typically one of the most vital elements for brands because they are how your site visitors find you. Registering your domain can be the first step of getting your website started, as it is just like establishing your website’s address on the intricate internet sphere where if you don’t have a domain name, you cannot reside.

Why choose the same provider for hosting and domain name registration?

Nowadays, most hosting plans offered by providers include domain registration services in the package. Therefore, in case, you go for both, chances are you can get a fair price. They can manage everything from one account, and you can easily upgrade your services strategically whenever you want to do so. The provider can easily help you to understand which website or domain needs immediate attention if anything goes south.

Also, let’s face it, who wants to buy a domain and dedicated server services from two different providers when a single provider can offer you all the services at a reasonable price? You don’t need to contact two different providers, there can be a single point of contact, and you won’t be bombarded with two separate high renewal rates, instead, a transparent deal on domain and hosting together will be a collective win-win.

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What is a dedicated server & why do you need one?

As compared to shared hosting where you share the resources with other clients on a unanimous physical server. Dedicated servers allow you to have a server all to yourself. Dedicated servers in the Germany offer immense power and flexibility. You don’t have to share the CPU, RAM, or other server resources. And you get the alternative to control server configurations as per your custom requirements. Ranging from a greater room for customization and scalability to root access. There are many benefits of using a dedicated server. However, before we start, let’s delve into the different types of dedicated servers.

What is unmetered dedicated server?

These servers offer a hosting solution without any confinements on usage of monthly bandwidth. If you wish to offer bandwidth overage fees. You can pick unmetered dedicated servers connected to the network on a set port speed. And you can have complete access to use as much bandwidth as required. The unmetered type of servers can be beneficial for users who experience high volumes of traffic on their website.


If you clearly understand the benefits of keeping your dedicated server and domain registration services under one roof. Ensure to go for professionals who offer an extensive array of unbeatable features. Whether you are looking for .ge domain registration, or you want a Dedicated Server in Germany, the professionals can aid you to select from an extensive range of domains that are unique and efficient enough to drive site traffic.

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