Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

Restore Your Faith in Ayurvedic Hair Treatment

For generations our grandparents have always emphasized how the old ways like Ayurveda are the good remedy for any problem and that following them can be helpful for a better lifestyle including hair care. While you might argue that you don’t have enough time during the day or week and would prefer to go to the nearest hair salon as they would use the best solutions and products on your skin and hair, wouldn’t it be nice to have all those products or ingredients at home and treat yourself? Try ayurvedic hair oil, and you’ll thank your grandparents later after seeing how effective it is at treating hair without causing any adverse effects. The benefits of ayurvedic hair oil will restore your faith in Ayurveda.

Trusted Hair Care Solution

Coconut oil has been proven in many tests to work wonders for hair care. This is suitable for all types of hair and has fatty acids which repairs damage, restores hair shine and health and improves the texture. While you can be inclined towards chemical treatments which can damper your hair quality, the type of saturated fat found in coconuts, known as lauric acid is the perfect protein to maintain a healthy mane.

In addition, one of the best coconut hair oil has the properties to penetrateto the medulla which is the centre of hair shafts and as you massage your scalp and hair with it, you reduce the chances of water absorption which is key to everyday damage. Some of the ways you can use it are:

Prewash Mask

It is believed and followed by many that if you apply the oil before you wash and let it sit with for 15-30 mins, focusing on the midsection and hair ends, you can prevent your hair soaking excess water.


Many of us also use coconut oil as a conditioner after shampoo. While you might not use copious amounts, but just a few drops ensure that the hair remains soft, healthy and holds on to its natural shine.

Styling Element

If you are out of serums and need to style your hair… coconut oil is your solution. It acts as the perfect element to tame the hair frizz. Best results can be obtained when applied on wet hair.


Coconut hair oil works as the perfect mask for your mane. You can massage a spoonful of oil and watch how it work its softening magic. You can leave it overnight or keep it for a few hours incase you have exceptionally dry hair, or damaged hair due to excessive chemical treatment.

Worried about the Myths?

There are many myths surrounding the use of coconut oil and its use. But what you read now onwards might help you understand and be a judge of how the myths can be busted without nay external report or influence.

Hair Loss

If you have been going through your old photos, you would have probably been admiring your old self and how proud you were of your hair at that time. But now, you might not have the same volume and there are visible signs of hair loss by thinning or receding hairline. And to blame usage of coconut oil for this seems unfair and unrealistic.

While not everyone has the same skin type or blessed with great genes, coconut oil as an external treatment agent may not be the cause for hair loss. It could be a bad diet, imbalanced lifestyle, pollution, stress and so on. So, if you have encountered such problems, recommend a dermatologist and maybe you can switch to organic or ayurvedic options rather than the chemically formulated options. Different types of coconut oil for men and women have been created so that you can apply and choose the right one that suits you.

Dandruff Breakout

With useful nutrients like fatty acids and vitamins K and E, you can be rest assured that coconut oil does not cause dandruff outbreak. One of the main reasons of dandruff is a dry scalp which can be a result of excessive chemical product use or frequent shampooing. While you need to keep your hair clean you need to ensure that you hair does not lose the luster and has a healthy look including a clean scalp. Coconut oil is also known for its anti-fungal properties ensuring damage free scalp and hair.

Seasonal Use

There is no set season for the use of coconut oil and the only thing that changes with seasons is your hair. So, if you apply it, it will hold on to the moisture in extreme heat, ensures low water absorption during monsoons (when hair is most prone to get damp), thus preserving its strength.

Vegetable Oil vs. Coconut Oil

There are no guaranteed proofs that vegetable oil is better for your hair. While you can never be sure of the type of vegetable used to create the oil or the harmful chemicals it has been injected for growth, you can be rest assured that coconuts do not have the chance to be chemically formulated. The latter, in fact is more superior in terms of hydrating and protection properties while there is no such proven results for vegetable oil. Coconut oil has proven therapeutic benefits especially the ones that have natural ingredients.

Skin Type

As a rule of thumb, you can apply coconut oil for hair when you think your hair is lacking the moisture and shine. If your hair is dry, brittle and prone to breakage it is suggested that you reduce the use of coconut oil and not use it regularly as the protein build up may make your hair stiff and eventually cause it to lose its natural elasticity.

But no worries, there are some good products out in the market that use good and herbal ingredients to ensure that your hair gets the care it deserves, and you can hold on to your mane. Using cold pressed virgin coconut oil can be beneficial and is believed to maximize the benefits.

While there are many new technologies and formulas that are being incorporated into the products we are using, but when it comes to self-care and you might want to take a good look at it because you don’t want to end up losing something which you love. Buy the right coconut oil that will reap results and retain the shine, care and health it deserves.

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