LED pot lights

Retrofit your lights with LED pot lights

The lights in your home design layout can be enhanced by retrofitting the fixtures with LED pot lights. Retrofitting lights is a general concept when it comes to refurbishing or remodelling any space to enhance the decor and define the layout of any room of the house.

It’s quite hassle free when it’s just replacing the bulb in a pre-existing fixture.

But to entirely replace the fixture with LED pot lights there are certain variants of retrofit LED pot light fixtures available. They aid in achieving an energy efficient and contemporary aesthetic lighting design without any compromise to lighting quality or costs and also decreasing the utility bills and maintenance costs in the long run.

What to look for?

There are a few important things to consider before opting for installation of LED pot lights.

1.    Check if the fixture supports LED bulb

Determine whether the existing recessed light fixture is compatible with an LED bulb. The only usual difference is mounting springs. LED retrofit bulbs use ‘v’ shaped springs which help fix the led bulb with housing. If it doesn’t have V shaped springs then convert the fixture to a universal recessed fixture.

2.    Check the fixture type

Before buying the retrofit kits, check:

  • The size of any pre-existing lights.
  • the room in which retrofit kits are being installed, the sizing and height of the ceiling then layout of the room. .
  • light output of the fixture and quality of the light, this also includes other factors like colour temperature of the light whether you want warm yellow or cool white light.

How to retrofit LED pot lights

  1. Remove the existing trims of normal recessed light fixtures.
  2. The LED unit should adjust all the way inside the lampholder.
  3. Screw it into the adapter and plug in the LED unit.
  4. Insert the ‘v’ springs into the brackets inside the housing, and push the LED up in place.

Benefits of retrofit LED pot lights

There are several advantages of retrofitting pre-existing fixtures with LED pot lights especially in rooms with low ceilings.

1.    More overhead space

Recessed light fixtures sit inside the ceiling and direct the light downwards. They do not occupy any extra space like other light fixtures which help create more overhead space in the room and make the room appear bigger. This allows more room for furniture and any specific room decor.

2.    Light layering

LED recessed lights allow light layering as they are available in various bulb designs and trims designs which allow them to be efficiently used in general lighting, accent lighting or task lighting. There are various trim designs for recessed lights which allow the light to be directed out of the fixture in different ways and to create the desired lighting effect.

3.    Smart lighting controls

LED recessed lights allow smart and efficient lighting controls which maximise their efficiency. They are dimmable 0-10V. Integrated with sensors and allow adjustment of light in various colour temperatures such as from warm yellow to cool white light. The correlated colour temperature of LED recessed lights lies within the range 2500K to 6000K.

4.    Energy efficiency

The main reason behind retrofitting light fixtures with LED pot lights is that they are super efficient and do not waste energy. They consume less energy, generate more light and less heat which is advantageous as some ceilings are not insulated.

5.    Durability

Most retrofit kits are ready to install and they are quite durable based on function and fixture components. The housing of the fixture is safety rated for various ceiling types and designs as they improve the life of the fixture. LED lamps add to its durability as they have longer life spans and do not malfunction.

The conclusive benefit of retrofit led pot lights is that they are versatile and help refurnish and change the entire look and feel of the place. They are easy to install and mostly available as kits which can be customised according to the need of the space. The functional life of these fixtures is determined by the quality of light which is quite better than traditional fixtures at low costs.

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