Rome to Pompeii: An Everlasting Experience

In this busy world, we should take some time off. One can explore new places and relax in the open areas of nature. If you are planning a trip, then can visit Rome and Pompeii. One is the capital city, while the other is a great archeological place in Italy. Both of them offer a superb sightseeing experience for everyone. 

Apart from this, these cities have a vast historical significance. You will find many places here that signify all the battles of Rome. In the following paragraphs, we are going to cover every detail about Rome to Pompeii day trip that will help you to visit these amazing holiday destinations.

General Information 


Being the first city in the world with has 1 million population count, Rome has numerous places to explore. It has more than 900 churches and 280 fountains. One can easily wander and visit several places in a short time. Being small doesn’t hamper the quality of this city. You will find plenty of places to eat food or have some drinks without worrying about any crowd.


Lying in the base of a volcano that almost cleared an entire city, Pompeii shows its beauty with some distinct signs of historical events. It is also known as the city of the dead as termed by novelist Sir Walter Scott. Also, Pompeii is a World Heritage site that has glimpses of ancient Roam engraved in many structures. 

How to Plan Your Trip

The first thing to do before planning trips from Rome to Pompeii is to decide the traveling options available. You can either take a tour package or travel using train and bus. Both of these options provide a suitable way to commute between the places. Though, the former one does offer more comfort and saves a bit of time. We have briefly described these options below:

Tour Package

Using a company for creating the perfect tour for you can be the best option. Not only you will be freed from the hassle of booking tickets and traveling to unknown places, but also enjoy the company of other tour members. 

This process can be easily accomplished by visiting an online or offline organization. These travel companies provide different packages. These packages include your travel, stay, and food. Depending on your budget, places to visit, and quality of living, you can select the ideal choice. 

Once you are satisfied with everything, you can select a date and visit these amazing destinations. Almost all the packages include an air-conditioned bus with a guide that will tell you about different areas. Some additional upgrades allow in-depth knowledge guide tours. 


You can travel using a premium bus that will take a few hours from Rome to Pompeii. You can also visit Metropark Centrale that is located in Naples. From there, you can change the bus and then travel to your destination. This is a bit long process but is superb for extended exploration. If you want to catch the earliest bus, then you have to visit the bus terminal at 4:15 am. 


Another option to take easy trips from Rome to Pompeii is via train. A high-speed train is the fastest option to reach your destination. These trains take only two hours to cover the entire journey. You can save a lot of time by using this option. This extra time can be spent exploring the city. 

One can also go with cheaper train options that take almost 4 hours to travel from Rome to Pompeii. If you are comfortable changing from normal to the high-speed train, then you can do so in Naples. 

Popular Sights

There are numerous sights to explore on this tour. Here is a list of some of the most attractive spots:

Temple of Isis

This is a well-known temple that lies on the left side of Little Theater. It was built for the goddess of Egypt. During the Roman Empire, several cult practices were performed here.


This is a large museum that has all the antique objects that held some value in the Roman era. It also has plaster casts of the bodies found in molded fashion after the volcanic destruction.


It is a big structure with a sitting of 5000 people. The area shows the division in classes during the period of the Roman Empire.

Street of Tombs

This place has several tombs that are constructed alongside the road. It depicts various Roman architectural schemes. 

Villa of the Mysteries 

This is an astounding place that has some of the most excellent wall paintings. These paintings are preserved to show original colors. It has a spectacular frieze having a length of 17 meters. 

Apart from this, one can take the Rome catacombs tour that shows the underground burial grounds. Both Christian and Jewish burials can be found in this location. It is a great site for archeology and exploration. A guide can help you in the Rome catacombs tour. 


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