Sativa Vs Indica: Which Cannabis Variety Is Right for You?

You’re smoking with your friends. It’s getting late, and while some want the hangout to continue, others are ready to call it a night.

Or, on the contrary, you’re at home working on a project. It’s getting late, and you need to stay up to get it done. However, you need a quick smoke break yet still want to be able to sleep later.

Knowing the difference between sativa and indica strains of marijuana will help you understand when you should use which strain. Sativa vs indica affects everyone differently, and there are pros and cons to both strains.

Sativa Benefits: Breaking It Down

Looking at the sativa strain first, you’ll want to consider what the effects of it will be on your own body. Sativa is a strain that wakes you up rather than allows you to chill.

Here’s what it does to your body and when you should use it:

More of a Head High

The sativa strain is more of a head high. This means that you won’t feel so many effects of it in your body than you will in your head.

One of the most prominent features of using a sativa strain of marijuana is that you will find yourself more alert and focused. This sounds contradictory to the stereotypes many people may have of marijuana, but using a sativa strain will not leave you feeling chill.

It will, however, leave you feeling quite good and even euphoric.

Get That Positive Mood Going

When using a sativa strain, your euphoric mood will make you feel inspired and uplifted. You’ll feel motivated and excited about what you’re doing. Any depression you feel will likely lessen, which is one of many sativa benefits.

Because of these feelings, and how focused you’ll feel, it’s best to use sativa during the daytime. Channel your energized state into your projects and work!

Stay Motivated with a Sativa Strain

Remember that important project mentioned earlier? If you’re wanting to stay focused, a sativa strain is what you’ll want to use to get the project done.

If you are working on a creative project, playing sports, and are planning on attending social gatherings post-COVID-19, then using a sativa strain is the way to go.

The Cons of Sativa

As awesome as sativa may sound, there are notable cons to consider before using a sativa strain.

A sativa strain gives you the “high” feeling that people often describe. If you take too much, you might feel overstimulated. In that case, it can induce panic attacks and anxiety.

So while sativa is great at alleviating depression, it won’t do you any favors if you tend to feel more anxious. In that case, consider using indica instead.

Indica Benefits: Breaking It Down

Sedate yourself with the difference between indica and sativa. While sativa has many benefits, indica benefits you in the long run when you’re looking for something to help you relax.

Here’s how indica may affect you:

All About the Body High

That typical body high you hear associated with marijuana is people referring to an indica strain. Indica will help your body physically relax. Say good-bye to the anxiety and stress you feel!

If you feel any nausea or pain, indica is the strain that can help alleviate those. Besides, it will also help you stimulate your appetite.

Relax and Snack!

As you relax after ingesting an indica strain, take out your favorite snack. You’ll revel in how delicious it tastes.

Pairing an indica strain of marijuana, your favorite snack, and a movie is a great way to help you unwind and relax. Because of this, it’s best to use an indica strain at night.

Rest Easy with an Indica Strain

Using an indica strain at night helps you sleep easier. Indica acts as a natural sleep aid, so you won’t want to take this in the daytime (unless you’re looking for a killer nap).

Because of its relaxation qualities, the indica benefits are enormous. Sleep well and deep with this one.

The Cons of Indica

Like sativa, indica also has some cons to think about before using it.

Indica is the “stoned” effect people refer to when talking about the effects of marijuana. Because it is sedating, you may feel unfocused and depressed.

Indica is great at alleviating pain, but you’ll need to consider the correct amount to take. This will help you avoid some of the major side effects of using an indica strain.

Hybrids Exist Too

If you find yourself having a hard time deciding between using sativa vs indica strains, consider a hybrid strain!

A hybrid strain is exactly what you think it is: a cross between sativa and indica strains. The hybrid’s exact qualities and side effects will depend on how much of a particular strain is put inside it. Your local budtender can help you figure out how which exact hybrid strain would work best for you.

Sativa vs Indica: It’s Your Choice!

When thinking about sativa vs indica, it comes down to your choice about which one you would rather use.

If staying motivated and alert is more important, go for a sativa strain instead. You’ll find yourself more stimulated and creative. On the downside, you may feel more anxious about everyday situations.

Indica is great for those needing help to relax and take things easy, especially at night before bed. However, remember that using too much of an indica strain may leave you feeling too lethargic. Then, of course, there’s always a hybrid strain where you combine the best of both sativa and indica.

The pros and cons of both are there, so good luck with choosing the right marijuana strain for you! For more on marijuana topics, check out the rest of our website!

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