Scatter Symbol in Slots and its Role

Bonus features in slots keep gamers attracted and engaged. One of these bonus symbols is known as scatter symbols. They have appeared in traditional slots but are most commonly recognised in online slots at Wizardslots.

What are scatter symbols?

Scatter symbols in the slot online  games are symbols that may occur anywhere however the win line still record a win for the players. Typically, in slot games, the majority of the victories are scored just as corresponding symbols land on a specific win line. Yet, a victory on the slot games that contain the scatter symbol can also be claimed when these symbols occur. Depending on the various slot games, a different number of symbols are needed to record a victory no matter when they appear.

When did scatter symbols originally appear?

As previously mentioned, scatter symbols came about when slots were first introduced in 1894. The original scatter icon on the first classic slot machines were red cherries. They were added to put an additional feature to the game, and cherries were never constrained by certain limitations as other symbols are subjected to. Cherries could occur randomly on the reels to allow gamers a slight win. The wins were usually limited, but they could improve with more scatter symbols appearing on a solitary spin, and indeed the gains were compensated in additament to the successes. Initial slot machines needed merely a single scatter symbol to land on the reels for a minor win. While many slot machines use a mix of three or more to launch functions, others do reward gamers on both single and double scatter symbols.

Are scatter symbols common?

Scatter symbols are a recurring feature in slots. They are quite common. When a gamer begins a slot the scatter symbol, if included, will appear on the screen/ machine. However, each slot game is different and the way in which scatter symbols work does vary.


It’s always a smart thing to check the Paytable before you start a slot. This means, you recognise the possibilities of the game, and also all the additional features like; scatter and wild symbols, free spins, bonus icons, jackpot potentials etc. You also gain an idea of how they function on their own as well as successful variations and how they activate rewards features.

Video slots

With several new video slots possessing five or seven reels, and some providing thousands of pay lines on a sole spin, the scatter symbol feature has shifted on from such premature machines. Video slot scatters are mostly depicted as animations and spring to fruition as the gamers arrive on the reels. Most slots currently include video streaming and video effect. When three scatter symbols arrive and proceed to a bonus round, it’s not uncommon to encounter short videos and graphics that take gamers to the bonus game.

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