Secret clothing tips from the fashionista’s closet

Secret clothing tips from the fashionista’s closet

“I don’t have anything to wear” is the common phrase used by every woman while staring at a wardrobe stuffed with clothes. We have all been there, done that.

With just clever fashion tips and choices, you can always flip your complicated cloth selection to an easy-peasy one. Marc jacobs designer can help you what to choose for your next clothing.

Below are some of the secret fashion tips you need to know

1. Shop with a plan

Go out to shop with a plan. Have your hair done and make-up on. Put on the right pair of shoes or slippers and plunge into the shop. So that you can see what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If you are looking for the recommendation for the right pair of shoes, try Loom’s Vegan Sneakers. Loom is the pair of shoes everyone should have in their cupboard! Waterproof, breathable and on top of all, vegan friendly. Comes with different shapes and sizes, these shoes can perfectly match to your outfit and give you a coolest look. You definitely want to check these out!

2. Invest in high-quality clothing

Buy minimal but buy the best. Do not settle for low-quality clothing, because the material will not last long and you will end up buying another set of clothes. Choose the material carefully, if needed study the material and understand all the do’s and don’ts with it before purchasing.

3. Seek out fashion inspiration

Find out people who know all about women’s fashion dress and follow them religiously. It might be your favorite model or a famous Instagram influencer or even your sister’s friend. Just seek out the right people and observe their dressing. Your fashion sense will improve just by observing the fashionistas.

4. Just dress up

There are numerous dresses for women than the number of total occasions in the world!

Whenever you feel confused about dressing up, always overdress. After dressing, if you feel overdressed wear a jacket or a jean to match up the look.

5. Leave your comfort crib

Try out a new dress for girls. Don’t do the usual. Follow the trend and dress up in vibrant colors even if you are a neutral person. Just trying out new women’s fashion dress hurts no one. Who knows you might end up liking vibrant more than neutrals!

6. Do not miss out on accessories

The accessory is an important element of dressing up. Try to wear at least one matching accessory – be it a pop-color sling bag, or a silver long silver necklace, or a pair of stunning earrings. Accessories always boost you up a little more!

7. Know your body shape

A stylish woman is the one who fits right into her dress. Knowing your body shape is the key to finding a dress that fits you perfectly. Only choose clothes that highlight your features and don’t show you bloated or skinny.

8. Dress like forever

Do not hesitate in picking that attractive short skirt just because you are 45. Age is just a number and an excuse for quite a lot of things. Dressing right and perfect is what you have to focus on, not dressing according to the age.

9. Have enough scarves?

Scarves are the classiest accessory to put on. They come in different colors, shapes, materials, and sizes. You will be able to find a scarf to match your attire no matter what you wear. It is the fastest way to look classy and feel richer.

10. Angle check

When you buy new clothes, take time to trial it and check it from all the angles. Make sure you feel attractive and comfortable enough to buy that piece of clothing.

Note that cloth material may look different under different lighting. So ensure to check it under different lighting just to make sure it is all good and fit.

11. Use belts

A right belt is all you need to make you look fit and fabulous. A suitable belt will make you look thinner and lift your figure. Pro-tip for choosing a belt is: Choose a belt that is of opposite or different material to your outfit.

12. Did we forget handbags?

A handbag is the most important and the best accessory that you can have. Choose a bag or a purse that goes perfectly with your outfit.

With handbags – there is not enough. You will need different purses and handbags for different occasions. So make sure to stock up as many as you need. Have all the three sizes of handbags – small, medium, and large.

Material is imperative when it comes to a handbag. Choose a handbag or a purse that does not easily rip off and has a long life.

13. Take care of your clothes

Having a closet full of clothes is not as important as taking care of the clothes you have. Give it a good iron, wash it according to the instructions, and use a high-class detergent to keep your clothes neat and tidy. Devote time to double-check the quality of your clothes regularly.

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