Select The Right Orthotics For You

Problems with your feet can result in aches and pains throughout the musculoskeletal system over time. In fact, misalignments in the foot or ankle can lead to misalignments elsewhere in the musculoskeletal system. The result is instability and pain.

Did you know that there are treatments that can put an end to your suffering, and you don’t have to live with the pain anymore? Orthotic inserts in your shoes are one of the most effective treatments designed by the expert team at Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Center. It will help improve the lower limb problems you may be having for good. Gravity defyer shoes offer a good level of support to your feet.

The main job of orthotics is to provide the necessary structural support for your feet and correct functional foot problems. It also helps take the pressure off of injured areas. Orthotic inserts can benefit a host of problems including:

. Bursitis

. Arthritis

. Calluses

. Bunions

. Diabetic foot ulcers

. Plantar fasciitis

. Heel spurs

. High arches

. Flat feet

. Tendinitis

. Sports injuries

. Under/overpronation

. Post-surgical recovery

There are many factors to consider when you are shopping for the best orthotics for your foot and ankle problems. Here are five tips to facilitate your purchasing of the best orthotics for your feet.

  1. Get orthotics fitted in your favorite shoes

Orthotics could be made to fit the feet of the wearer. But they should work with your footwear to provide adequate support and address foot and ankle problems. Make sure you shop for orthotics that best fit your favorite pair of shoes.

  1. The type and condition of your foot

It’s important that you understand your feet type and the problems you are trying to solve to make the right purchase. Even though some over-the-counter cushioned inserts will provide some comfort, they actually mask the problem. The goal of using orthotics is to support the foot properly and correct its functional problems. Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition where the connective tissue extending from the heel to the sole becomes inflamed. You need good arch support and cushioning for this problem.

Overpronation foot is a condition where your foot rolls too far inward and causes instability in the ankles. Underpronation or supination is the opposite problem where the foot turns outward. Both problems will impact your hips, back, and knees. You require rigid and semi-rigid orthotics to keep the foot supported at all times and correct a pronation problem.

When you have heel spurs or heel pain, you need orthotics with a lot of cushioning and padding to get rid of inflammation and pain. On the other hand, for arthritis and diabetes, your shoe inserts should promote good circulation while providing shock absorption.

  1. For what activities do you need orthotics?

Do you have an active job that requires functional support all day long? Do you spend a large part of your day standing still? Are you an athlete who requires protection from wear and tear injuries? In fact, the orthotics you purchase should provide you with the correct support for your lifestyle.

  1. Get a prescription or seek professional advice

The Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Center employs expert podiatrists who can assess your foot condition and recommend the best orthotics for your needs. Our team has the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most of your orthotics and understand how they support and protect your feet.

  1. Build custom orthotics for individual feet

At Arlington/Mansfield Foot & Ankle Center, our experts use the latest technology to measure and assess your feet to create highly customized orthotics for a perfect fit. Our products will provide the exact support you require to improve your foot condition and lifestyle.

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