SEO Monitoring 101: Using Proxies

The digital space is the modern battlefield for businesses. To beat your competition, you need to attract the attention of customers online and direct them to the platforms in which you’ve listed your products.

Modern customers also don’t tolerate bad customer experience, and you can quickly lose them to the competition if you become complacent. You, therefore, need to keep them updated about your products and brands.

So how do you do this?

Customers still value quality products and services. But your competitor probably offers the same quality as you do.

One of the solutions to winning in the digital space is this: Ensure that your business is more visible than your competition.

When your brand is more noticeable, customers are likely to interact with it more, which increases your ability to sell through your website and other online platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the deliberate process of optimizing or modifying your website so that it can be ranked higher in search engine results. Ideally, you want your business website to be on the first page of the search results.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo rank results based on their relevance to the internet user’s query.

The aim of SEO is, therefore, to make sure you more visible to your potential leads. As a business, for instance, your site should have content that relates to the products and services that you offer. The content should also be up to date and optimized to retain a spot in top-ranked results.

Generally, you should pay attention to the following ideas if you want your website to be top-ranked:

  • Make sure your site is easily accessible to search engine crawlers. If the crawlers can’t access your content, then they will not be able to index it.
  • Convincing and reliable content. You will be ranked higher if customers keep visiting your site because your content is relevant to the subject matter.
  • Keywords: Your site should have phrases that are important to the subject. For example, if you deal with cars, your website should have a vocabulary that relates to cars and their usage.
  • Make it easier for users to share the content on social media, their websites, blogs, and other platforms
  • Include infographics and other data formats that make the content easier to consume
  • Links to reliable sites

Benefits of SEO to your business

Optimizing your website so that it can be ranked high on search engines gives you lots of potential organic leads and sales.

The increased visibility also exposes your business up to more and possibly enter bigger markets at no extra marketing cost.

As your customers visit your site frequently, search engines note this as positive feedback that the site is reliable and user-friendly.

Over time, you will not only be getting new clients but also retaining the current ones.

These benefits cumulatively give your business an edge over your competition.

SEO proxies as used to monitor SEO

Proxies and SEO are not terms that you find paired often.

Proxies are usually discussed in relation to safety and anonymity online, while SEO is often mentioned in marketing.

Proxies are servers that hide your real IP address while you browse online. Any website that you try to access does not detect your IP address; thus cannot block your business IP. There are different types of proxies in the market that you can choose from as suits your business’s needs.

SEO proxies are just like other types of proxies but are specifically designed to help you monitor your competitors’ SEO practices. Coupled with a scraper, the SEO monitoring process enables you to get data that can help you understand and outdo your competition.

The use of proxies is necessary because some sites have put in place systems that can detect IPs with suspicious activity and restrict access to their sites. Other websites also try to track the IP addresses and try to follow it to your computer system. When you use a proxy, the IP address usually keeps changing, thus becomes harder to detect.

You need reliable data to create backlinks to your site and improve your search ranking. Search engines could blacklist your business if they notice questionable activity from SEO software in search of data that can help you build backlinks.

To prevent this, you can use SEO proxies when scraping. This also comes in handy when doing SEO competitor research.


Search engines often keep changing and enhancing the parameters they use to rank search results. Even with these changes, SEO remains an essential tool for keeping your website and business relevant and accessible to internet users.

You, therefore, need to keep updating your SEO strategies to maintain your ranking in search results. SEO monitoring your competitors is one of the most efficient ways you can keep your business team updated on the newest and best SEO practices.

SEO proxies help you safely monitor the SEO and traffic activity without detection by search engines and websites.

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