Should You Buy a Used or New Semi-Truck?

There are a couple of reasons to buy a semi-truck. Either you’re planning on using it for your business, or maybe you actually want to do the driving. Regardless of the reason, buying a semi-truck is rather expensive. You’ve likely found plenty of options to buy new or used trucks from your research. The question is, what would be better for you: new or used? Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of each.

Pros and Cons of Buying New

The biggest con of buying new is the price. Buying a new truck will most definitely be the more expensive route. You’ll likely go to a dealership and set up a loan system. New trucks can run about $150,000 or more, depending on the type you’re getting. However, there are some good sides to buying new as well.

Newer models will have newer technology, including steering assist functions, suspension supports, and even avoidance detection systems to prevent accidents. All-terrain steering is a huge perk to these newer trucks and will make them last longer. Their designs also tend to be easier to maneuver through all sorts of terrain.

The other benefit is that you have the assurance your truck has no issues. It’s brand new! There are no underlying problems that someone conveniently left out when selling the truck. It will function perfectly for some time unless there is an accident.

Pros and Cons of Buying Used

Not knowing the history of the truck can be a huge con. The truck being used may not be completely ready to hit the road and could require some maintenance and repairs. However, if you have a good knowledge of how trucks work and know what to look out for, then this isn’t a problem. You can also avoid some of these concerns if you buy from a reputable dealer that offers a warranty on their used semi-trucks.

Of course, the biggest pro of buying used is the price. Used trucks go for much less, making them a more viable option for new owners. The older they are, the less they’ll cost outright. Another pro is that older models tend to have more powerful engines. Older trucks may not have fancy technology, but an experienced driver will have no issues with that and actually prefer having power over anything else.


Overall, buying a semi-truck is a hefty decision. Whether you buy used or new does depend on what you’re comfortable with. Do your research and consider how long you plan to keep the said truck. Many dealerships and third parties will allow you to buy semi-trucks, both used and new, so look around and find what’s best for you.

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