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Should You Update Or Replace Your Vinyl Windows?

People replace vinyl windows for many reasons, and one is for energy efficiency. Homeowners of homes whose windows are not energy efficient pay a lot for energy. This is because their heating and cooling system use a lot of energy to keep the house at the right temperatures.

Other reasons people replace windows is to get rid of damaged old windows. With time, the window panes break, and this makes your home vulnerable and ugly. If you want to curb your home’s appeal or make it more energy-efficient, you will either have to replace the existing windows with new ones or update the old vinyl windows for better performance.

1. Update The Old Window for Better Performance

If your windows are not completely spoiled, updating them will be a better option. This works well if the problem can be solved and if the window is still in good condition. Updating is less costly and will make your windows perform better. When you decide that you will update the existing windows, consider doing the following to make the exercise successful.

  1. Inspect the existing window for any air leaks. Your window should be completely tight and not allow any air. If they are energy efficient, they have double or triple glazing. It is also essential to check for condensation between the panes because this is a sign they are not performing well. Repairing them to stop the leaks and condensation will help improve their performance.
  2. Install storm vinyl windows. These will protect your main window from strong winds, especially if you live in areas with frequent hurricanes.
  3. Add a solar control film. The film protects direct sun rays from getting into your house, which could damage your furniture and curtains.
  4. Add an operable window. If your home is facing the ocean or a beautiful forest, you will want a window that allows you to get a beautiful view. The best window is a fixed or picture window. However, this window is not operable, hence cannot serve the purpose of ventilation. The best way to allow air into your home is by combining a picture window and an operable window like an awning or casement.

2. Replacing Your Window

If you prefer replacing your vinyl windows Canada, there are factors that you need to consider to ensure you get the best replacement window for your home. Do you want a different type of window, and what style and material will you opt for?

It is also essential to check if you will need an upgrade of your frame if the existing one is not in good condition. When choosing the frames, know about the pros and cons of each to make the best choice. You can get window frames in wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass materials. Wood is expensive and beautiful, but it is easily invested by insects like termites and needs constant care.

Aluminum is cheap and light but cannot withstand the coastal climate. Fiberglass and vinyl are known for insulation. You need to compare these materials and make the right choice. Choose a type of glazing that suits your house. The purpose of the room will highly determine this choice. You cannot install tinted glass in the living room.

 How do you want your windows to open and close? And how much air do you want to get in the house? If you don’t have enough space outside where the windows can open easily, don’t choose casement windows. Go for sliding windows.

3. Tips When Selecting Windows

  1. If you live in hot climates, vinyl windows with coating are the best because they reduce heat gain, while the gas-filled ones will be the best if you live in a cold environment. This helps you reduce the cost of energy.
  2. If you want your windows to have thermal resistance, choose one with a low U-factor. This works best for those who live in cold climates.

4. Installation

For a window to be efficient, the installation must be good. A poorly installed energy-efficient window will not perform. If your DIY skills are whack, it is better to ask a professional to do it for you. If your window is not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you might not benefit from your warranty. Poorly installed vinyl windows Canada are also a call for danger and can cause accidents.

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