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Show the Way: Why You Need Digital Signage Solutions

Imagine this: you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a new ad campaign. You’ve picked all the right fonts, photographs, and designs to make it perfect. You’ve sent it to all the big papers and magazines in your area.

And then, when the magazine comes with the full-spread ad, you see it glaring there right in front of you: a huge typo that nobody caught.

You’ve lost all this money, potential customers, and you have to do it all over again. It’s a disaster.

But if you had used digital signage solutions, then you wouldn’t have this disaster at all. With a digital screen from Atlanta, you don’t have to worry about typos because you can quickly fix them.

This is just one of the many benefits of digital signs. If you’ve been struggling recently with getting your business out there, you can use digital signage as a marketing strategy to reach more customers.

In this article, we’ll cover all the reasons why you need a digital signage system. Finally, your business can shine, no matter what industry you’re in. Read on to learn more.

Less Waiting Time (and Lower Cost)

First of all, when you use a digital signage display, you have to wait less time than you do with printed ads. Instead of having to go back and forth with different printed versions, making edits after seeing what they look like printed out, you can make changes immediately.

This also makes the process lower cost. Instead of having to pay for expensive edits and changes, completely restarting the process, you can make these changes without having to make actual file or print alterations.

Additionally, even once the ad is up on the sign, you can make changes without having to pay for them. Like the sound of digital signage solutions? Then you’ll like this, too.

Customers Won’t Have to Wait

These days, customers are used to having their needs met immediately. This is why so many customers choose to shop online, where they can speak with a representative over chat if they have any questions. They can also email the store and get a quick reply.

When you run a brick-and-mortar store, online stores are your competition.

So you need to make the shopping experience as easy as possible—otherwise, customers will spend time scrolling in front of their screen instead of walking through your store door.

One of the best ways to help your customers out is by having information provided to them on your digital signage. This way, if one of your employees is busy, your customers won’t have to wait around for someone to help them.

If you use interactive digital signage with a touch screen, your customers can go up to it, research what they want to find out, and find the answer they’re looking for.

Instead of feeling impatient and leaving your store, they’ll stay and purchase a product from you.

You’ll Get Noticed

If you’ve ever walked into a store that has digital signage, it’s probably the first thing you notice. After all, it’s colorful, animated, and vibrant. You’re drawn to this noticeable feature. If you’ve ever walked through Times Square, it has the same effect multiplied.

Want to get noticed by more customers? Then place digital signage advertising your store in areas where they’re likely to walk by.

In your store, place these signs by the window so that people are drawn in.

It’s also smart to place digital signage in areas where you want to sell a new product—and you can even use this as a way to inform customers about the product details!

Unlike posters, television commercials, and Internet advertisements, digital signage catches attention and draws people in. It’s the exact opposite of a pop-up ad, which people want to close the second it comes up.

You’ll Keep up With Competitors Using Digital Signage Solutions

Do your competitors use digital signage? If you don’t, then they’ll quickly start to get all your customers. Considering that digital signage is becoming such a popular trend, you should get it for your store, too. If your competitors don’t have it, you’ll have a competitive advantage.

You Can Replace the Display Image Immediately

When you’ve hired one of the top digital signage companies such as Rise Vision, you’ll have digital signage present in all your stores. Whether you have several locations in one city or a large amount throughout the country, there will be a time when you want to replace the display image.

If you want to announce a seasonal sale or advertise a product that’s coming out, you can easily replace the display image.

All you have to do is log into your account with the company and make the switch. You can do this from anywhere.

This means that this is not only an easy process, but one that’s much cheaper than having to hire people to take down advertisements and put them back up.

Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of keeping your branding consistent throughout all your stores.

Considering the importance of branding in the modern market, this will keep your customers coming back to your store for more products, helping you build your loyal customer base.

You’re Always Connected

These days, businesses are expected to be connected the same way that all of us are. You can use your digital signage to do this. For example, let’s say you run a restaurant that’s close to a train station in a beach town.

On your digital signage, you can offer more than just information about your store and products. You can give updates on the weather, which beach-goers will appreciate.

You can also provide information about train times so people are more likely to grab a quick bite at your restaurant before catching their train back home.

Additionally, you can be connected to your customers online. Have a new product that’s just come out? Connect your digital signage to your social media accounts so that you can feature happy customers using it.

This has two benefits. One, customers who see the digital signage display will be more likely to buy your product.

Two, your customers will feel engage with your company when you interact with them online. By making them feel special with a feature, they’ll become loyal customers.

You Can Make Money From Paid Advertisements

If you run a large space, such as a shopping mall or airport, you can make money by displaying paid advertisements on your digital signs. The larger space you own, the more money you can make. Get in touch with shops near you to talk about pricing.

More Recall and Retention

In addition to being attention-grabbing, digital signs are also easier to remember. If you want customers to get excited about store events, product promotions, or seasonal sales, they’ll be more likely to come back because they remember them advertised on your digital sign.

Additionally, customers will be more likely to recall the fact that your store exists. If they walk by one of your digital sign advertisements, they’ll be more likely to think of your store later when looking for a product in your industry.

They’ll also be more likely to recommend your store to their friends who are looking for products like yours.

Considering that word-of-mouth recommendations are incredibly powerful, you’ll have more customers in no time.

You Can Use Video

One of the best ways of getting customer attention is by using video. In fact, one minute of video equates to 1.8 million words. If you’ve ever put together web copy to get the attention of customers, you can understand just how powerful video is.

So put together a storyboard and create an ad about your store or around a new product. Then, display it on your digital sign. Before you know it, you’ll have even more customers streaming in through the door.

You Can Add to the Atmosphere of Your Store

Because digital signage is so brilliant and beautiful, it can add to the atmosphere of your store. To do this correctly, you should map out the interior of your store and think about the areas where your customers walk around most. Using interactive indoor maps like these can make it easier for customers to get around the store and find what they are looking for period.

In the areas with the most traffic, place a digital sign so that it’s likely to be seen. Remember not to place them too closely together, as this might be a little too dazzling.

Then, when creating your displays, make sure that they go with your brand colors.

This way, your brand will be consistent throughout the store. Brand consistency is important because it makes customers more trusting, which makes them more loyal.

Additionally, remember to have the digital signage colors and patterns match with the interior of your store. You don’t want any of the images to clash, as people will not want to walk into your store if the atmosphere is unattractive.

Wait Times Will Seem Shorter

If your customers have to wait while they’re in line, they might put down their product and leave. Shoppers aren’t patient anymore, not when there are so many competing stores nearby—and when they could find a similar product online with their phone.

This is why many businesses have multiple checkouts. They want to make lines as short as possible. But even when you do this, customers might choose to leave.

If you place a digital sign near your checkout areas, customers will be less irritated with having to wait. They’ll be distracted by the sign, looking at the information displayed, or watching the short video you’ve put there.

As a result, they’ll feel like the wait time is shorter than it actually is. They won’t feel impatient anymore and will be more likely to wait in line to buy your product.

You Can Communicate With Employees

Digital signage isn’t only a way to communicate with your customers. You can also communicate with your employees in a discreet way with these screens. Instead of irritating customers with speaker announcements, you can ask Karen to come to check out this way.

You can also give your employees reminders of regulations and processes using these screens. This way, they’ll be at their most productive even if their manager is busy helping a customer.


If you have a more complex digital signage solution, for example, one with a touch screen that customers navigate, you can get important analytics to help you run your business more effectively. You can find out about which products are most popular.

Additionally, some digital signs can have cameras installed in them, which will help you determine which ads are most effective at getting customer attention.

You can also use these cameras to learn where most of the foot traffic occurs in your store.

With all this information, you’ll know which products to produce more (or less of), which ads to display more often, and where to put your digital signs and most popular products.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about all the reasons why you need digital signage solutions, you might need more information. Maybe you need help choosing the right digital signage solution for your business.

Or maybe you want to find out about the best layout for your business interior so you can showcase your digital signs.

Whatever information you need, you can find it on our blog. Simply go to our business section, where you can learn about all the business strategies you can use to make your business more successful than ever.

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