Polish Wooden Floors

Simple Steps To Help You Polish Wooden Floors Like A Pro

Polishing wooden floors requires a lot of techniques. You have to try and get the results like a professional service. This means that you have to focus on using the right set of tools and polishing materials. This choice will keep changing from one-floor type to another.

To make the task easy you can hire the best floor polishing in Melbourne team. Professional wooden floor polishing services will best perform this task for you. If you feel that you may not be able to hire these services regularly, then you should try out a few DIY tips. These tips will help you maintain the flooring in top condition.

Perform the cleaning task

The first step is to clean the floor. If you have carpet on the floor, then it has to be removed. You may also have to remove the furniture. Always ensure the room is clean. If you are using furniture pads then you should always remove them first.

Vacuum the place

Do not attempt to polish the floors unless you have vacuumed them. The floor can accumulate a lot of dust and debris before the polishing task, the dust and debris have to be cleaned. If not, then you may not be able to polish the floor.

The vacuum will also help treat scratches to certain limits. But you should not scrub the wooden floor unless you are a professional.

Collect details of the finish type you need

All types of floors may not achieve the same finish. It is a must that you should be aware of the finish and texture you can get once you polish the floor. You can also speak to the expert team. If you are hiring one, then there are no issues.

A professional team is aware of the type of finish they should get after the polish. You may get a different finish in the case of oil and wax polish.

Mop the floors

Before you can polish you may have to mop the floor. This is important if you have polyurethane floors. These types may not be easy to polish unless you have moped them. Always ensure that you only make use of clean water to mop the floor.

Do not mix any solvent if you are going to polish the floor after mopping. Wooden floors will easily soak up some amount of water and solvent. You may not be able to polish the floor. Even if you have to polish the stairs it is important to mop them with a clean cloth and water.

Buffing will help

You will always get better results if you buff the floors. But it is important to use only mild action. Do not use hard cloth fabric to buff. You have to keep in mind that wooden floors can easily get damaged. So using mild action is important.

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