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Simple Tips That Will Help Improve Your Chances of Preventing A Car Accident

Despite the use of advanced safety measures, the number of car accidents taking place every year is rising. Authorities are concerned, and they request people to adopt defensive driving techniques to reduce the likelihood of a car accident. People know that rash driving and driving after consuming alcohol are the two main reasons behind a vast majority of car accidents. In this article, we shall talk about simple tips that will help improve your chances of preventing a car accident.

Avoid Unnecessarily Distractions

Driving is a full-time task, not something you should try to do while attempting any other task. It is easy to become distracted while looking in the mirror to catch a glimpse of your kids playing in the back seat. You may not think of this momentary lapse of concentration, but it is enough to cause a severe car accident. You have much less time to react when you are momentarily lost in a beautiful signboard or even when trying to look at the person’s name, calling on your mobile phone. Reading a message on the mobile or texting someone are distractions that have resulted in many car accidents.

Refuse to Drive When Drunk

Do you know that consuming alcohol impairs your vision and your ability to make quick decisions? But most people believe they have full control over their driving even after they are drunk. These drivers do not realize that they are putting themselves and others’ lives in danger by sitting behind the wheel after drinking. The experienced car accident experts at Georgia Trial Attorneys at Kirchen and Grant recommend fighting your case in a law court if you are involved in a car accident caused by drunk driving. There are severe penalties for drunk driving in Georgia. Make it a rule not to drive when you have consumed alcohol. Also, avoid sitting as a passenger in a  car being driven by someone drunk.

Say no to Driving When you are Unwell

One reason why so many car accidents take place is that the drivers were feeling unwell or they were sleepy. If you have some stress, feeling sleepy, or not feeling well, you should not sit behind the wheel. Why invite trouble for yourself and other drivers on the road when your body and mind are not focussed upon the job at hand? Driving under stress is not advisable as it can easily induce a momentary lapse of concentration. Many car accidents occur because drivers fall asleep as they are very tired or under a lot of stress. Just imagine the cost you have to pay because you chose to drive the car when you were tired or not feeling well.

Drive Slowly

You are not going to get a medal for reaching your destination a few minutes earlier. What is the need to drive at high speed and endanger your and others’ lives because of a car accident? This is perhaps the easiest and the most useful tip to improve your chances of avoiding a car accident. When you drive at a slow speed, you are in full control of your driving and confident that you can react in time to prevent a mishap. You only get a fraction of a second to apply brakes or steer clear of a hurdle when driving at a fast speed. Never make it a question of your ego when another driver tries to zip past your car. Allow him to pass and don’t feel tempted to take part in car racing. Not all car accidents can be prevented with slow driving, but it can certainly reduce car accidents.

Keep Your Phone Switched Off While Driving

No one follows this tip for safe driving but switching off your mobile while driving can significantly reduce the chances of an accident. Most drivers are tempted to take a look at who is calling and even try to attend the call while driving with one hand. You are inviting trouble by talking on your phone while driving.

The tips given in this article are simple and do not require much from the drivers. If you follow these tips, you will find that your chances of preventing a car accident have gone up. Safe driving is in your interest. So choose safety over an accident.

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