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Simple Ways To Unplug From The Daily Grind And Enjoy Life Again

Trying to be there for everyone and make everyone else happy has a way of draining your own happiness, despite the fact that it may seem like it would be advantageous to constantly be available. People are beginning to recognize and feel the negative impacts of constantly being connected, and as a result, they are beginning to take a more balanced approach to the time they spend in front of screens. The following are a few reasons why you should think about doing the same; your mental health will thank you for it. If you would like to spak to someone visit ClarityChi.com.

Reestablish a connection with the mundane aspects of your environment – in the here and now!

If you have your face buried in your phone or tablet all the time, you are losing out on what is going on in real time. Put away your phone the next time you are going to the store or sitting in the waiting area of a business. Be conscious of your environment and look for joy in the mundane details of everyday life. It’s possible that you won’t believe how amazing the world is until you see it for yourself.

Put restrictions in place

There is a widespread misconception that checking business email outside of the office, even when relaxing at home, will result in increased productivity. After a long and stressful day, it’s important to turn off all electronic devices so that your brain can rest and rejuvenate. It is beneficial to gather one’s composure and take a break. When it’s time to go for the day, resist the urge to check your email on your phone. It’s possible that certain tasks or circumstances will demand your attention outside of typical business hours, but this shouldn’t become a habit.

Be there for your family and friends

Although it is tempting to believe that being connected enables one to keep in contact with others, the reality is that the reverse is really the case. We are missing out on interacting with our loved ones who are standing right in front of us because our faces are continuously gazing down. While my two-year-old is yelling, “Look, mama, look!,” I can’t help but laugh. Do I really need to be looking at her Instagram to see how she leaps, or can you just tell me? If I was truly paying attention to her and playing with her, wouldn’t it be better (for the two of us)? Isn’t that the thing that brings me the most joy?

Changing these behaviors can help us be better friends and family members by allowing us to truly be there for our loved ones; it can help us be better employees by providing us with the chance to rest our minds and refocus priorities, can help us be better individuals by putting us more in touch with what is happening around us, which can often bring about a sense of calm.

Here are a few suggestions that can assist you with disconnecting:

Always put your phone to sleep at the same time each night by turning it off, preferably at least an hour before you go to bed. (If you need the alarm in the morning, you may also switch it to airplane mode.)

Remove any apps that are invasive or a waste of time from your mobile device (looking at you, Facebook). If you find it to be an excessive amount, you may disable the push notifications in your settings.

When you go out to eat or have lunch with pals, you should leave your phone at home. (Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it? I tested it out, and it’s really rather enjoyable.)

Read something that can be touched. Instead of reading a book on your screen, pick up a physical copy with actual pages to flip through.

Disconnecting from technology can be beneficial to one’s mental health. It has the potential to improve your attention, calmness, and even happiness. And in this fast-paced world we live in, who among us couldn’t use a little bit more of that feeling?

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