solution to IPv4 Shortage
solution to IPv4 Shortage

The solution to IPv4 Shortage

The world has developed a lot in different sectors. In the internet sector it is advanced and during this time the organizations are supposed to be engaged in web supportability. To bring your information flowing, coordinated IP addresses play a critical role. It is beneficial for the organizations but some disadvantages are also present. In this article, we are going to discuss the progressive development of the IP world that you can see in a short moment.

First, if all we must know about IP address, what it is, why it is used, and else. Materials we share on the internet through the PC network have been workable for the IP addresses. It is useful for us to send and receive data on our PC. In today’s time, there are two available options of IP ie, IPv4 and IPv6. 32-bit processing is done by IPv4 and 128-bit processing by IPv6. In 1995 IPv6 was first used by the specialist due to the deficiency of IPv4.

What is IPXO?

We can consider an IP address as a special ID card number that is specified to a company or organization. For your business to grow, IP can be used and forgetting it, IP can be leased and adapted and it is done through IPXO. This is started as a company and has become the principal business library. It has been formed with an expansive vision.

IPXO started with the proverb of driving organizations to adapt the IP spaces and this has a staggering web convection commercial center which is adapting the unused IP and monetizing it and keeping it as assets. Also, we may want to mitigate the shortfall issue of IPv4.

CEO of Heficed Vincentas Grinius has formed the world’s first IPXO marketplace which is open to everyone. IPXO marketplace solution was initially known as Heficed. According to the CEO, this organization is working in the IP space to provide the customer with the IP which was unused and to generate revenue from it.

Currently, around 4294967296 lease IPv4 addresses are present practically, and amongst them most of them are unused. Currently, as there is a race between many organizations to be on too there are numerous IP which is developing which needs zeroing during the IPv4 shortage. For this IPXO can be an IP marketplace solution that is unique and very easy.

What can be the solution to the IPv4 shortage? 

The main aim of IPXO is to maintain the ecosystem of interned by maintaining the IP addresses and the information in it. At the current time, IPXO has managed to reintroduce the IP in the open market which was unused for a long period. Hence it will be useful for the ventures who have holdings.

Due to deficiency in the IPv4, IPv6 was but due to less development, IPv5 was not made more feasible and manageable due to which the time has come to settle the IPv4 deficiency until IPv4 gets more developed.

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The advantage of IPv6 over IOv4 is that it uses a 128-bit address due to which a higher number of locations can be added. Some of the organizations have the urgency that they have to shift from IPv4 to IPv6 and it would be an extraordinary solution for top and prestigious organizations.

Why choose IPv4 instead of IIPv6?

As most of the organizations shift to IPv6 but under 30% of all networks are shifted to IPv6 the changed one must run both IPv4 and IOv6 together which will be expensive and cause a slowdown. Everything has advantages and disadvantages and IPv6 has also some downsides as said earlier most of the companies use IPv4 and to adapt to IPv6 they have to run both which will be costly for them.

Along with this, the organization will also tend to run slowly, and due to this reason, experts have said that a shared model of IP addresses is better. 

Due to these many reasons, we are in peak need of an alternate method so that the unused IPv4 addresses can be made more valuable. Also, it can be made safer by adding more layers to it. To bring the IPv4 out of the dark boosting ISP can be one of the choices to do so and IPXO can be the best marketplace for IP and to make the business networks safer and progressive.

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